Finnish biobanks launch nationwide catalogue service

The digital Fingenious service of the Finnish biobanks has launched a catalogue tool that allows researchers to perform a quick sample and data query by browsing biobank collections. The service allows researchers to reach all public biobanks in Finland with one feasibility request. The samples and sample-related information of the Biobank of Eastern Finland are also included in the catalogue, providing researchers an easy access to them through the service.

Fingenious – A digital gateway to Finnish biobanks and biomedical research

Finnish biobank research is reforming and aiming for international breakthroughs in disease prevention, diagnostics, and treatment. Launched in spring 2019, the Fingenious digital service allows researchers to perform a quick sample and data query by browsing biobank collections and to reach all public biobanks in Finland with one feasibility request. Fingenious is built to serve academic and industry researchers and to advance medical research globally.

Fingenious is an innovative digital service managed by the Finnish Biobank Cooperative (FINBB) covering all public biobanks in Finland. These include hospital biobanks (Auria Biobank, Helsinki Biobank, Biobank of Eastern Finland, Biobank of Central Finland, Biobank Borealis of Northern Finland, and Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere) and the national THL Biobank.

The main goals of the Fingenious service are to make the high-quality Finnish biobank samples and data easily accessible to researchers, to improve medical research and product development globally, and to enhance Finland's competitiveness as a research environment. Sample collections are continuously expanding and diversifying through biobanking activities.

The Fingenious Catalogue being launched now is a free online sample and data query tool for researchers that allows fast and easy browsing of sample collections at a statistical level, providing a complete overview of what biobanks have to offer. The Fingenious Feasibility tool allows a researcher to reach all public biobanks with one feasibility request, while the Fingenious Access tool allows for submission of an access request to all hospital biobanks. The progress of the application can be monitored in real time and a cost estimate of the project is provided during the feasibility and access request processes. Harmonized processes and forms ensure quick and easy start for research.

The Fingenious service is available at and on the website of the Biobank of Eastern Finland.

The Biobank of Eastern Finland is founded and owned by the North Savo Hospital District, the South Savo Social and Health Care Authority, Siun sote – the Joint Municipal Authority for North Karelia Social and Health services, the Eastern Savo Hospital District, and the University of Eastern Finland.

For further information, please contact:

Fingenious: FINBB CEO Marco Hautalahti: marco.hautalahti (a), + 358 40 049 3613.

Biobank of Eastern Finland: info (a), +358 17 173 311

Fingenious in brief:

- All Finnish public biobanks can be reached with one application.

- Fingenious facilitates faster and easier study planning and promotes medical research globally.

- Fingenious enhances Finland's competitiveness as a research environment.