Nordic Centre in India, programmes for NCI member universities' researchers, application dead line 30.10.

The Nordic Centre in India announces the following programmes for researchers at our NCI member universities:

a) NCI Travel Grant: NCI will annually support 6 scholars from member universities travelling to India for the purpose of research with an NCI Travel Grant that covers travel expenses upto 500 Euros per successful applicant. 

b) NCI Academic Activity Grant: NCI will be supporting collaborative academic activities between member universities and Indian higher educational institutions through a grant for a max of 3500 Euros per successful application. 

c) Ganga Mahal Scholar in Residence Programme: NCI will support one scholar annually from a member university travelling to India for the purpose of research with the NCI Ganga Mahal Scholar in Residence Programme. This programme is in cooperation with Karlstad University and it covers travel costs upto 500 Euros and one month's stay at Karlstad University's India Study Centre located in Varanasi.

The deadline for receiving applications for this Fall 2019 Call is 30th of October 2019