Diabetes Research Foundation awards largest grants to UEF researchers

The Diabetes Research Foundation’s largest grant of 90,000 euros was awarded to Docent Vanessa de Mello Laaksonen from the University of Eastern Finland. Her research aims to help prevent type 2 diabetes among people with a high risk of becoming sick. Docent Tuure Kinnunen was awarded a grant of 60,000 euros to study the cells of the immune system that attack insulin producing pancreatic cells.

In her research, de Mello Laaksonen studies what significance microbial indolepropionic acid has on glucose and fat metabolism in the liver and adipose tissue.

The large two-year grant provides de Mello Laaksonen with a better requisite to function as the new head of the research group. The grant also makes it possible for a thesis worker to be attached to the research venture.

Kinnunen’s research increases the understanding of type 1 diabetes birth mechanisms, thus improving the possibilities of type 1 diabetes prevention. In addition to this, the research may help identify children with a heightened disease risk.

The two-year grant awarded to Kinnunen will secure long-term funding for his research, which is of utmost importance with regards to sustainable research work.

In addition, Professor Tomi-Pekka Tuomainen was awarded a one-year grant of approximately 27,000 euros for the Finnish Vitamin D Trial (FIND) to study the significance of vitamin D supplements in the prevention of type 2 diabetes

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