Joint Project Fair, Poznan


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Come and join us to pave the way for new skills, research ideas,  development initiatives, approaches, methods as well as blended learning environments for more sustainable and environmentally resilient societies in the future.

Various grant initiatives has made it possible for various organisations around Europe to work together, to develop best practices and innovative approaches. Let’s share our achievements and experiences and collaborate for the future in two-day Fair targeted to academics and other higher education actors, NGO’s, beneficiaries of various environmental projects as well as experts and students in the field of environmental issues.

The event itself is free of charge, but participants must cover their own travel and accommodation costs.

The forms of participation include posters and short presentatíons of outcomes of your projects or best practices.  The registration for all participants is open until 31th May.


General requirements (selection criteria): 

  • This call is open to present  results and outcomes of projects targeted to develop new practices and methods, research ideas, development initiatives and learning environments and curriculums regarding environmental governance, climate change, natural resources, regional/urban/rural/community development, landscape management, land use, sustainable energy 
  • We would like the poster or the presentation to present  novel results or introduce new perspectives or suggest solutions  (rather than just describe a project)

Registering and Abstract Submission

  • You can register and submit you abstract by using  this electronic form
  • If you have a ready made poster or other materials you wish to present you can send an abstract to by 31 May 2018 the latest (or as soon as you wish).  


  • If needed, we will take care of the printing service for you. And we will also place the posters to the venue.
  • We would like to also print out the posters as a take-a-way A4s. If you want to bring an already existing poster/roll-up, send as the pdf if you have it.
  • After the seminar day, you can take the poster with you.