Individual intervention

The aim in the Stop Diabetes individual level intervention is to create and implement strategies to improve identification and prevention of type 2 diabetes risk. To achieve this we investigate the efficiency of different communication channels and messages to encourage people to find out their type 2 diabetes risk and participate in the study. We have developed a digital application and a face–to–face group counselling model, and we investigate these efficacy compared to routine care in preventing type 2 diabetes in a randomised controlled trial embedded into the public health-care system. Our objective is dissemination and implementation of the best strategies into the Finnish health care and society at large.

Digital application

The StopDia digital application is based on a psychological and behavioral framework drawing on habit-based behavior change. The central idea is to promote adoption of simple behaviors by linking them into contextual triggers in every-day life, and by prompting execution until the behaviors become daily, automatic habits. The web application can be used with a mobile device, tablet or computer.

Face–to–face group counselling model

Group coaching is based on Self-Determination and Self-Regulation Theories, and follows the principles of strength-based behavioral coaching. All sessions follow similar functional structure supporting participants’ sense of autonomy. The group counselling model includes six face-to-face sessions and the sessions topics are related to nutrition, physical activity, mental well-being and management of everyday life. Group coaching lasts for 3-4 months and each session contains 90 minutes of organized activity and 30 minutes for optional activity. There are 6-15 participants in each group.