Environmental level - Creating healthy worksites

Environmental level intervention aims to modify working environments to make selection of health-promoting alternatives and behaviour easier. The environmental modifications are based on nudging and deal with non-conscious, automatic processes of behaviour. Nudging or ‘choice architecture’ refers to strategic changes in the environment that are anticipated to alter people’s behaviour in a predictable way, without forbidding any options or significantly changing their economic incentives.

Nudge toolbox

We have developed a toolbox of approximately 50 nudges that are designed to support healthy food choices, engagement in physical activity, and recovery from work-induced stress or strain during working hours. All nudges in the toolbox are based on behavioral insights on human behavior, ​scientific evidence as well as information gathered from interviews and workshops conducted with employers on the challenges and needs related to health promotion at the workplaces​. All the nudges of the toolbox do also support the contents of TinyHabit Web application and group counseling ​of the individual level intervention.