Master’s Degree Programme in Primary Education

The Master’s Degree Programme in Primary Education is a commissioned two-year programme for Namibian teacher students funded by the Namibian Students Financial Assistant Fund. The programme provides the students with the latest educational insights and foremost perspectives in the field of Primary Education, awarding the students with a Master’s Degree in Education.

The programme consists of a wide-range of education studies, including, for instance, the use of information communication technology in education, psychology and philosophy of education, special education and science and education. Students will also have the opportunity to pursue studies from other fields according to their personal interests.

During the two-year programme, students will develop a high-level competency as teachers and novice researchers equipped with the skills and knowledge required in the professional life and in possible doctoral studies. Practical training, school visits and authentic classroom situations will deepen the students’ understanding of the Finnish education system and how to organize and develop high-quality education.