Why study Photonics?

Photonics is the future technology that focuses on the generation, detection, and management of light, enabling the use of light in different areas that are essential to society and the economy. A degree in photonics can lead you to an exciting career in many different fields including information and communication technology, lighting and manufacturing, image analysis, security, defense, space, life sciences, and medical technology.  The industry being active in these fields has an extraordinary demand for highly qualified professionals.

"Photonics is the science of the harnessing of light. Photonics encompasses the generation of light, the detection of light, the management of light through guidance, manipulation, and amplification, and most importantly, the utilization of light as a tool for benefit of mankind."

(Photonics21, European Technology Platform Towards a Bright Future for Europe, Strategic Research Agenda in Photonics)

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Why choose UEF?

"Photonics of UEF offers every advance laboratory facilities with very helpful teaching as well. Courses offered by Photonics department of UEF are standard enough to know every basic things of  Photonics."

-Najnin Sharmin, Bangladesh

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