Environment, Society and Development in Latin America Research Group

We are a research group at the University of Eastern Finland, focusing on a variety of issues dealing
with the relations and interplay of society and the environment in Latin America from the
perspectives of environmental politics, human geography and sociology. We critically examine how
development is conceptualized and promoted in the region, as well as the material impacts of these
processes. We investigate societal contestations and power relations related to topics such as
mining, forestry, hydropower construction, nature conservation and urban nature. Our research is
currently focused on a number of Latin American countries: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico
and Peru, and we most typically examine the issues of environment, society and development
through local case studies.


Professor Juha Kotilainen
Professor Dr Irmeli Mustalahti
Adjunct Professor Dr Susanna Myllylä
Post-doc researcher Tuula Teräväinen-Litardo
Early stage researcher Mariana Galvão Lyra
Early stage researcher Violeta Gutiérrez Zamora
Early stage researcher Germán A. Quimbayo Ruiz
Early stage researcher Laura Kumpuniemi

Projects in progress

Anti-mining movement in Brazil: From fighters and resisters to influencers in the mineral debate?

(2014-2018), funded by the Joensuu University Foundation (2014-2016); the University of
Eastern Finland (2016-2018); Academy of Finland (2018). Researcher: Mariana Galvão Lyra. Supervisors: Prof Rauno Sairinen,
Dr Tuija Mononen. Contact: mariana.lyra
at uef.fi

Governing sustainability: Negotiating and contesting water resources management and green
economy in hydroelectric mega-projects in the Andean Amazon (2016–2018), funded by the
University of Eastern Finland. Post-doc researcher Tuula Teräväinen-Litardo. Contact:
tuula.teravainen-litardo at uef.fi

Deliberating sustainability transformations through global-local interactions: Conflict and
cooperation in indigenous communities in Mexico (CoInMex). The research is supervised under the
UEF Responsive Natural Resources Governance research team and funded by the Academy of
Finland (2016-2017). PhD student: Violeta Gutiérrez Zamora. Principle Investigator: Academy
Researcher Irmeli Mustalahti. Contact: violeta.gutierrez.zamora at uef.fi

Landscapes of Bogotá: Contested urban environments and dynamic social movements, 1990-2015.
Funding source: Rodolfo Llinás funding program for Promotion and Advance of Scientific Spirit in
Bogotá by the Foundation CEIBA (Fundación Centro de Estudios Interdisciplinarios Básicos y

Aplicados) in collaboration with the Municipality of Bogotá. Funding term: 2016-2020. Researcher:
Germán A. Quimbayo Ruiz, MSc., PhD student. Supervisors: Prof Juha Kotilainen (UEF) and Dr
Matti Salo (Luke Natural Resources Institute Finland). Advisor in Colombia: Dr Diana Ojeda
(Instituto Pensar, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá). Contact: german.quimbayo at uef.fi

Selected publications

Quimbayo Ruiz, Germán A. (2018). “People and urban nature: the environmentalization of social

movements in Bogotá”. Journal of Political Ecology. 25: 525-547 https://doi.org/10.2458/v25i1.23096

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the Fundão disaster, The Extractive Industries and Society, Volume 6, Issue 3, 2019,
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Galvão Lyra, Mariana, Corrêa Gomes, Ricardo & Magdala Pinto, Miriam (2017) Knowledge
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Teräväinen, Tuula (2013) Towards green transitions? Some reflections on the politics of water
management and technology in Peru from a perspective of global North. Grupo de Estudios
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Myllylä, Susanna (2018) Reclaiming Pluriverse in Corporate Responsibility: Brazilian

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In T. Marsden (Ed.) The Sage Handbook of Nature, Vol. 1. Sage Publications.


Contact information for the group:
Mariana Galvão Lyra mariana.lyra (at) uef.fi
Juha Kotilainen juha.kotilainen (at) uef.fi