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Tutkimusseminaarissa käsitellään laitoksen matematiikan tutkimukseen liittyviä aiheita. Puhujina toimivat laitoksen oma henkilökunta ja jatko-opiskelijat sekä laitoksella vierailevat tutkijat.

Kevät 2020

10.2. Istvan Prause, Schwarz lemma, quasiconformal mappings and interpolation. (salissa M305 klo 14:15-16)


Kevät 2019

1.8. Pekka Kosunen, Periodic orbits 1-7 of quadratic polynomials on a new coordinate plane. (salissa M103 klo 12:15-13)
17.6. Igor Chyzhykov, Non-regularity of growth of solutions for linear de's in the unit disk. (salissa M303 klo 9:15-11)
13.6. Taneli Korhonen, On linear operators and their applications in complex function spaces of the unit disc (salissa M107 klo 10-12)
29.3. Istvan Prause, Random tilings, arctic curves and a Beltrami equation (salissa M305 klo 10:15 – 12)
25.3. Kazuya Tohge, Mason's theorem with a difference radical (salissa M305 klo 10:15-12)
12.3. Olavi Nevanlinna, Solvability complexity index -  can the spectrum of a bounded operator be computed? (salissa M301 klo 14:15-16)
7.2. Han Yu, Furstenberg's times 2 times 3 conjectures with a view towards number theory (salissa MP101 klo 09:00-11:00)


Syksy 2018

23.8. Edmund Y. M. Chiang, On complex oscillation theory and differential Galois theory (salissa M304 klo 11-13)
20.8. Yueyang Zhang, Difference Nevanlinna Theory and its applications to Complex Difference Equations (salissa M304 klo 11:15-13:00)

Seminaarisali on M106 ja aika perjantaisin kello 14-16 ellei toisin ilmoiteta.

Kevät 2018

25.5 Yueyang Zhang, A lemma on the difference quotients
6.4 Janne Gröhn, Reverse growth estimates for ODEs
27.3 Kazuya Tohge, Periodicity of Meromorphic Functions and Partial Sharing Values (salissa M108 klo 14-16)
16.2 Amine Zemirni, Nonexistence of subnormal solutions for complex differential equations with periodic coefficients
26.1 Antti Käenmäki, Rigidity of quasisymmetric mappings on self-affine carpets

Seminaarisali on M106 ja aika perjantaisin kello 14-16 ellei toisin ilmoiteta.


Syksy 2017

7.12 Jarno Talponen, Decompositions of Nakano norms by ODE techniques (salissa M304 klo 8:30 – 10:00)
23.11 Maryam Samavaki, Navier-Stokes on Riemannian manifold (salissa M304 klo 8:30 – 10:00)
2.11 Jukka Tuomela, Nonlinear PDE (salissa M304 klo 8:30 – 10:00)
20.10 Zinelaabidine Latreuch, On the Existence of Entire Solutions of certain Classes of Nonlinear Difference Equations
13.10 Yueyang Zhang, Existence of meromorphic solutions of first order difference equations
29.9 Juha-Matti Huusko, On Becker’s Univalence Criterion

Seminaarisali on M304 ja aika perjantaisin kello 10-12 ellei toisin ilmoiteta.

Kevät 2017

30.5 Juha-Matti Huusko, Methods for complex ODEs based on localization, integration and operator theory (salissa M304 klo 10-12)
28.4 Santeri Miihkinen, Structural rigidity of Volterra-type integral operator on Hp
31.3 Taneli Korhonen, Zero sequences and factorization in weighted Bergman spaces
24.3 Kazuya Tohge, Meromorphic functions that share four or five pairs of values
17.3 Jukka Tuomela, PDE on Riemannian manifolds
24.2 Janne Gröhn, Solutions of complex differential equation having zeros on pre-given sequences
17.2 Risto Korhonen, Delay differential Painlevé equations and Nevanlinna theory
10.2 Antti Perälä, The index formula of Douglas for block Toeplitz operators on the ball

Seminaarisali on M304 ja aika perjantaisin kello 12-14 ellei toisin ilmoiteta.


Syksy 2016

2.12 Maria Martin, Criteria for bounded valence of harmonic functions
25.11 Juha-Matti Huusko, Linear differential equations with slowly growing solutions
18.11 Janne Gröhn, Inner functions in certain Hardy-Sobolev spaces
11.11 Atte Reijonen, Applications of integral estimates to inner functions and differential equations
14.10 Jarno Talponen, Orthomodular lattices, natural density and non-distributive L^p spaces
1.9 Enrique Naranjo Guerra, Inner structure in real vector spaces (salissa M305 klo 10-12)


Kevät 2016

2.6 Antti Perälä, Compact operators via Berezin transform
23.5 Santeri Miihkinen, Strict singularity of a Volterra-type integral operator on H^p
25.4 Jin Tu, On the composite difference of entire functions
18.4 Jianming Qi, Radically distributed value and normal families of meromorphic functions
30.3 Kazuya Tohge, General solution to linear difference equations and a simple algorithm to solve them by piecewise linear and continuous functions (salissa E103 klo 10:15 – 12:00)
21.3 Jukka Tuomela, Euler equations and harmonic volume preserving diffeomorphisms
14.3 Kian Sierra McGettigan, Embedding Bergman spaces into tent spaces
7.3 Antti Perälä, Duality of weighted Bergman spaces with small exponents 
29.2 Jarno Talponen, On long unconditional basic sequences in Banach spaces
15.2 Maria Martin, Harmonic maps and fluid flows
8.2  Antti Perälä, Asymptotic variance of the Beurling transform

Seminaarisali on E214 ja aika maanantaisin kello 10-12 ellei toisin ilmoiteta.


Syksy 2015

4.12 Irina Arévalo,  Semigroups of composition operators and integral operators on mixed norm spaces
27.11 Atte Reijonen,  Necessary and sufficient conditions for inner functions to be in Q_K(p, p − 2)-spaces
18.11 Katsuya Ishizaki, Relations between differential equations and functional equations (salissa E304 klo 12:15 – 13:15)
13.11 Xiaohui Zhang,  On Douady-Earle extension
30.10 Janne Gröhn,  Uniform Separation, Hyperbolic Geodesics and Zero Distribution of Solutions of Linear Differential Equations 
16.10 Nan Li,  Difference Cartan-Nevanlinna theory and meromorphic solutions of functional equations
9.10 Jianming Qi,  Hyper-order and order of a meromorphic function sharing functions and some uniqueness problems

Jin Tu, The Composition of meromorphic functions and entire functions

25.9 Petr Hájek, Real analytic approximations in Banach spaces

Seminaarisali on E103 ja aika perjantaisin kello 9:00 – 10:00 ellei toisin ilmoiteta.


Kevät 2015

27.4 Jarno Talponen, On isometries of Banach spaces
20.4 Juha-Matti Huusko, Localization of linear differential equations in the unit disc by a conformal map

Gendi Wang, The visual angle metric and quasiconformal maps (seminaari alkaa klo 9:15)

13.4 Parisa Hariri, Comparison theorems for hyperbolic type metrics
30.3 Kazuya Tohge, From Nevanlinnaʼs value distribution theory and function theory to Tropical value distribution theory and max-plus function theory
23.3 Ilpo Laine, Resolving Bank – Laine conjecture (Bergweiler and Eremenko)
16.3 Wen Xu, Essential norms and weak compactness of integral operators between weighted Bergman spaces
9.3 Antti Rasila, Conformal modulus and numerical conformal mappings
9.3 Antti Rasila, Computer Aided Assessment in Mathematics
6.2 Maria Martin, On the Krzyz conjecture

Seminaarisali on M107 ja aika maanantaisin kello 10:15 – 12:00 ellei toisin ilmoiteta.

Syksy 2014

5.12 Jukka Tuomela, On constructive ideal decomposition
28.11 Jarno Talponen, On the smoothness of quasihyperbolic balls in domains of Banach spaces
21.11 Álvaro Ferrada-Salas, Geometric properties of analytic parts of stable convex harmonic mappings

Juha-Matti Huusko, Linear differential equations with solutions in the growth space $H_{\omega}^\infty$"​

7.11 Iason Efraimidis, A Coefficient Inequality For Functions With Positive Real Part
3.10 Tingbin Cao, The second main theorem for difference operators in several complex variables
10.10 Kai Liu, Some results on differential-difference equations of Fermat types
17.10 Xiaohui Zhang, Lipschitz mappings in conformal modulus metric

Janne Gröhn, Mean growth and geometric zero distribution of solutions of linear differential equations

Seminaarisali on M105 ja aika perjantaisin kello 9:00 – 10:00 ellei toisin ilmoiteta.


Kevät 2014

20.1. Xiaohui Zhang, Distortion properties of quasiconformal mappings in n-space
27.1. Gendi Wang, Hyperbolic geometry and quasiconformal mappings
10.2. Samuli Piipponen, Overconstrained mechanisms in mechanical engineering
17.2. Pekka Kosunen, Periodisista radoista ja niiden parametrisoinneista (x,y)-tasossa
24.2. Jianren Long, On the growth of solutions of second order linear differential equations with extremal coefficients
7.3. Natalia Ovsjannikova, The optimal control problem in the model of epidemic
24.3. Parisa Hariri, Lipschitz conditions, triangular ratio metric, and quasiconformal maps
7.4. Nan Li, Some results related to complex difference polynomials and equations

Samuli Piipponen, Underconstrained mechanisms in mechanical engineering

Seminaarisali on M107 ja aika maanantaisin kello 10 – 12 ellei toisin ilmoiteta.


Syksy 2013

16. 9. Maria Martin, On univalent harmonic mappings in the plane
23. 9. Samuli Piipponen, Kinematical analysis of mechanisms with computer algebra
30. 9. Visa Latvala, Hardy-Littlewood type gradient estimates for quasiminimizers
7. 10.  Janne Gröhn, Inner functions in weak Besov spaces
14. 10. Mahdieh Sattari, On The Numerical Solution Of Elliptic And Parabolic PDEs On The Real Projective Plane RP^2

Risto Korhonen, Value Distribution and Difference Operators


Tarik Atay (Nigde University, Turkey), Stiff/Singular Perturbation Type Ordinary  Differential  Equations and Two Numerical Methods to Solve them, and a Mutual research area for Mathematics-Statistics-Social Science

11.11. Jukka Tuomela, Overdetermined PDE and their numerical solution: the case of an adsorption model

Kazuya Tohge (Kanazawa University, Japan), The Order and Type Formulas for Tropical Entire Functions

25.11. Wen Xu, Composition Operators between Analytic Campanato Spaces
2.12. Jarno Talponen, Convexity properties of quasihyperbolic spaces
11.12. Pekka Kosunen, Periodisista radoista ja niiden parametrisoinneista (x,y)-tasossa (salissa M106 kello 10-12)

Seminaarisali on M105 ja aika maanantaisin kello 14 – 16 ellei toisin ilmoiteta.


Kevät 2013

22.1. 12-14 Jarno Talponen, On quasihyperbolic geodesics in Banach spaces
1.2. 14-16  Jouni Rättyä, Weighted Bergman spaces induced by rapidly increasing weights
8.2. 13-15 Samuli Piipponen, Algebraic analysis of kinematics of multibody systems
19.2. 12-14 Janne Heittokangas, On Blaschke-oscillatory differential equations
1.3. 13-15 Risto Korhonen, Growth of solutions as a detector of difference Painlevé equations
8.3. 14-16 Teijo Arponen, Applications of kinematical analysis of multibody systems
22.3. 13-15 Jukka Tuomela, On the numerical solution of some PDE on surfaces
5.4. 13-15 Eric Lehman, Clifford algebras and Clifford analysis
12.4. 13-15 Olli Toivanen, Minimizers under general structural conditions in variable exponent Sobolev spaces
23.4. 12-14 Ilpo Laine, Ultra-discrete equations (salissa M109)
3.5. 13-15 Zhi-Tao Wen, Finite logarithmic order of q-difference equations

Seminaarisalina toimii M105 ellei toisin ilmoiteta.

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