Master's Degree Programme in Environmental Health And Technology (ENHET)

Master's Degree Programme in Environmental Health and Technology (main subject environmental science) is a highly multidisciplinary and research-orientated programme. Students of this programme will have comprehensive understanding of human exposure and health effects of environmental agents, such as air pollutants, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and chemicals as well as technological solutions to reduce exposures and subsequent effects. One important aim is to learn methods needed for producing meaningful risk assessment from such information.


An eligible applicant should have at least a lower university degree (BSc) in environmental or biological sciences, obtained at an internationally recognized and accredited university or higher education institution.

This study programme is suitable for students who wish to pursue a career in environmental health research, consulting or in environmental health agencies and for those who are interested in pursuing doctoral studies in environmental sciences. Maximum of 10 international students will be selected to study in Kuopio campus.

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Admission requirements:

Study contents

General Courses on Environmental Health and Technology cover core courses on wide range of environmental health related topics including exposure assessment, environmental risk assessment, advanced occupational hygiene and green chemistry.

In addition to the general courses, we offer several study modules for advanced knowledge on the following topics:

  • Air Pollutants, Aerosols and Health module provides advanced knowledge in indoor and outdoor air pollutants, especially fine and nanoparticles, their sources, emission control technologies, health outcomes and risk assessment. This module is ideal if you wish to pursue a career in environmental administration, environmental regulatory agencies, private sector or research.​
  • Radiation module includes courses on biological effects and health risks of radiation, including both ionising and non-ionising radiation.  All approaches of environmental health research are used, including in vitro studies, animal studies, epidemiology and exposure assessment. This kind of combination of courses and research provides a unique possibility to become a radiation biology specialist.
  • Water module specializes on water quality and technology topics including water hygiene and microbial risk assessment, conventional and most up-to-date purification technologies, prevention of water pollution and recovery of the valuable resources. The study environment includes a unique water laboratory which offers excellent facilities for the simulation of even pilot-scale purification processes. This study package is suitable for students who wish to pursue a career in water monitoring, regulatory agencies and companies dealing with water treatment or research. ​
  • Environmental Informatics module is a new and growing area in the modern environmental sciences. It is based on applying information technology to environmental issues. The size and complexity of environmental related data lead to a need for an advanced computational approach, which helps to integrate information from various sources. With environmental informatics, new solutions to environmental problems can be found more effectively, and end users can be offered a higher level of information

Tuition fee

The annual tuition fee in this programme is 8 000 euros. Fees will be collected from citizens outside the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. For non-EU/EEA students required to pay tuition, the University of Eastern Finland offers a generous and attractive scholarship scheme.

The tuition fee covers the studies included in the degree (personal study plan), studies-related supervision and counselling, and studies-related supporting services offered by the university. In addition, students are entitled to the services of the Finnish Student Health Service by paying the membership fee of the Student Union. The university assists students in finding accommodation.

Please see furher information on Tuition fees.


The University of Eastern Finland will have a substantial number of scholarships available for students who are required to pay tuition fees in Master’s degree programmes offered in English. The scholarships will be available for the most talented fee-paying students. The scholarship can cover the tuition fee either in full (100%) or partially (80%).

Additionally, the university offers all students - irrespective of whether they are required to pay tuition or not - a range of services that will reduce some of the financial burden on the student. For example, students have free access to the collections of the University Library, there are computers and a free WiFi on campus available to students, as well as a number of other supporting services designed to facilitate the everyday life of our students. As members of the student union, large number of benefits will be available for all students.  As members of the student union, large number of benefits will be available for all students. Please read more about Student union membership.


In Finland students must be able to cover all their own living costs. Own finances are also one of the requirements for the Finnish residence permit, and finances need to be available permanently on the student's bank account for the whole period the permit is applied for. Financing one's stay and studies in Finland by working is not possible. For more information about residence permit, please see

Contact person

Timo Kumlin
E-mail: timo.kumlin(at)
Telephone: +358505780381