Several journal articles published by doctoral students and researchers of edTech group

The following journal articles have been recanty published written by students and researchers of edTech group:

  1. Oyelere, S.S., Suhonen, J., & Sutinen, E. (2016). M-learning: A new paradigm of learning ICT in Nigeria. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies, 10(1), 35-44. http://online-journals.org/index.php/i-jim/article/view/4872/3739
  2. Munezero, M., Irura, M., Kirongo, B., Etiegni, L., & Suhonen, J. (2016). Challenges and solutions to providing online courses in Kenya: A lecture's perspective at a Kenyan University. The Online Journal of Distance Education and e-Learning, 4(1), 1-14. http://www.tojdel.net/pdf/v04i01/tojdel-volume04-i01_01.pdf
  3. Oyelere, S.S., Paliktzoglou, V., & Suhonen, J. (2016). M-learning in Nigerian higher education: an experimental study with Edmodo. International Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments, 4(1), 43-62.
  4. Mramba, N., Apiola, M., Kolog, E.A., & Sutinen, E. (2016). Technology for street traders in Tanzania: A design science research approach. To appear in African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, 8(1), 121-133. DOI:10.1080/20421338.2016.1147208
  5. Misaki, E., Apiola, M., Gaiani, S. (2016) Technology for small scale farmers in Tanzania: A design science research approach. Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries, 74 (4), 1-15. http://www.ejisdc.org/ojs2/index.php/ejisdc/article/view/1614/636
  6. Kolog, E.A., Sutinen, E., Nygren E. (2016). Hackaton for learning digital theology in Computer Science. To appear in the International Journal of Modern Education and Computer Science.