UEF doctoral student positions - deadline 8.5.2017

The doctoral student positions may be applied for by persons already enrolled as postgraduate students at the University of Eastern Finland and by persons planning to complete their doctoral dissertation at the University of Eastern Finland. Students who are finalizing their Master’s degree can also apply for the doctoral student positions. However, the Master’s degree shall be completed by 31 July 2017 and the Master’s degree certificate shall be submitted to the Faculty by 1 September 2017, at the latest.
When selecting early stage researchers, the following items are taken into consideration: the relevance of the applicant’s research to the field of the doctoral programme concerned, the innovativeness and quality of the research proposal, the applicant’s earlier research-related achievements, evaluation of the feasibility of both the research and the studies. As for postgraduate students already enrolled at the University of Eastern Finland, the progression of their studies is also taken into consideration. The persons to be selected are required to fulfil the student admission criteria of the doctoral programme concerned.
The salary of the position is based on levels 2-4 of the job requirement level chart for teaching and research staff (€1,985.85–€2,475.31/month) in the Finnish Universities' Salary System. In addition to the job requirement component, the salary is supplemented by a personal performance component, which can be a maximum of 46.3% of the job requirement component. The salary is determined in accordance with the phase of the doctoral dissertation and personal performance.
The doctoral student positions (early stage researcher positions) will be filled as from 1 January 2018, or as agreed. The maximum duration of the doctoral student position is four years.
For further information about the application procedure, please contact:
Head of Academic Affairs Kaisa Laitinen, email kaisa.laitinen@uef.fi, tel. +358 50 432 7573, Faculty of Science and Forestry

The electronic application is required to have the following appendices:
1) Persons applying for an extension to their existing doctoral student position in the Faculty:
A report on the progression of the doctoral dissertation
A report, not exceeding one page, on the progression of the doctoral dissertation (including publications and completed courses). The supervisor of the doctoral dissertation will confirm the report.
A report on the completion of the doctoral dissertation
A report, not exceeding one page, on how the doctoral dissertation will be completed and what the timetable will be. An estimate of when the preliminary examination of the dissertation can be initiated. The supervisor of the doctoral dissertation will confirm the report.
2) Other applicants
A research proposal
A research proposal is a short, scheduled description of the doctoral research. The length of the research proposal is a maximum of two pages. The applicant prepares the research proposal together with his or her proposed supervisors. The research proposal includes a short description of the background of the research, its aims, methodology and scientific significance. The research proposal also includes a financial plan. The research proposal shall be approved by the supervisors proposed for the doctoral dissertation. Postgraduate students already enrolled at the university are required to submit an updated research proposal.
A motivational letter in which the applicant describes his or her motivation to pursue postgraduate studies and to conduct research.
A copy of the degree certificate and transcript of academic records that prove the applicant to be qualified to pursue postgraduate studies.
The application needs to be submitted no later than 8 May 2017 (by 24.00 hours Finnish time) by using the electronic application form.
The objective is for the faculties to decide on the persons to be appointed to the positions by the end of September.