Members and Contacts

The CCEEL team includes several well-known international experts and consists of six professors, six senior or post-doctoral researchers and more than 20 PhD researchers.

More information on the staff members can be found by clicking the link on their names.


Director of CCEEL
Professor of European Economic and Energy Law
+358 50 442 3315
Aurora II, 2nd floor, room 2073

Kati Kulovesi
Director of CCEEL
Professor of International Law
in particular International Environmental Law, PhD
+358 50 4392173

Tapio Määttä
Professor,  Environmental Law
Head of the Department
+ 358 50 575 1589
Aurora II, 2. floor, room 2068
Office hour: Wed 11-12

Harro van Asselt
Professor of Climate Law and Policy, PhD
+44 186 542 6316


Antti Belinskij
Professor, Environmental Law (Water Law), LL.D
+358 (0)46 920 9189, +358 40 762 8333

Ismo Pölönen
Professor, Environmental Law, (Bioeconomy and Natural Resources Law), D. Ad.Sc.
+358 40 594 6024
Aurora II, 2. floor, room 2078

Adjunct Professors

Eduardo G. Pereira
Adjunct Professor of Energy Law,

Elisa Morgera
Adjunct Professor / Docent of International and EU Environmental Law


Antto Vihma
Adjunct Professor / Docent of Climate Policy and Law


Andrei V. Belyi


Senior Staff


Seita Romppanen
Senior Lecturer in International Environmental Law, LL.D
+358 50 442 3430




Sabaa A. Khan
Senior Researcher, PhD, International Environmental Law
+358 50 467 9119



Yulia Yamineva
Senior Researcher, Docent in Climate Law and Policy, PhD, International Environmental Law



Tuula Honkonen
Senior Lecturer, PhD, International Law



Niko Soininen
Senior Lecturer, Environmental Law and Jurisprudence, LL.D. (Environmental Law), (leave of absence -31.12.2017)
+358 50 437 6342
Aurora II, 2. floor, room 2080


Tade Oyewunmi
Senior Researcher, International and European Energy Law, LL.D.
+358 456 661 337
Aurora II, 2nd Floor, Room 2139

PhD Researchers

PhD Researchers: Climate Change and International Environmental Law

Rosemary Mwanza
Beyond rhetoric: Can environmental rights provide effective remedies for corporate environmental pollution in the extractive industry in Kenya? (Started: 2017; Supervisors: Harro van Asselt and Päivi Leino-Sandberg)

Patrick Toussaint
Reification in international climate law: A critical analysis of the role of legal constructs in facilitating equity and justice under the UNFCCC regime (Started: 2017; Supervisors: Harro van Asselt and Kati Kulovesi)

Outi Manninen
Access and benefit-sharing of genetic resources under the Nagoya Protocol: Interpretation of key concepts (Started: 2017; Supervisors: Kati Kulovesi and Elisa Morgera)

Veera Julia Pekkarinen
Global regulation of methane (Started: 2017; Supervisors: Kati Kulovesi and Harro van Asselt)

Sara Kymenvaara
Low-Emission Transport Fuels - Regulatory Potential in the Multi-Level Governance of Climate Change (Started: 2016 Supervisors: Kati Kulovesi and Harro van Asselt)

Reza Maddahi
Carbon Capture and Storage in International Law (Started: 2015. Supervisors: Kati Kulovesi and Kim Talus)

María Eugenia Recio Piva
Multiple layers of governance and regulation of forests: exploring challenges and opportunities for the future REDD+ landscape (Started: 2014; Supervisors: Kati Kulovesi and Harro van Asselt)

Karl Upston-Hooper
Where Two Worlds Collide: Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements, the Evolution of the Dialectic Relationship of Private Contracts and International Environmental Law at the Heart of the Global Climate Regime (Started: 2013. Supervisors: Kati Kulovesi and Kim Talus)

Completed PhDs

Seita Romppanen
New Governance in Context: Evaluating the EU’s Biofuels Regime (Supervisors: Kati Kulovesi and Tuomas Kuokkanen) - 2015

PhD Researchers: Energy Law

Sirja-Leena Penttinen
Energy and Treaty Law (Supervisors: Kim Talus and Henrik Bjornebye (Oslo))

Meri-Katriina Pyhäranta
Landowners' legal role in shale gas production (Supervisors: Kim Talus and Eduardo Pereira)

Kaisa Huhta
Capacity mechanisms and EU law

Rasa Ptasekaite
EU vs Euratom Treaty (Supervisors: Kim Talus and Jakub Handrlica, Charles IV University)

Ayodele Oni
Gas market regulation (Supervisors: Kim Talus and Eduardo Pereira)

Baiba Miltoviča
Electricity markets and consumer protection (Supervisors: Kim Talus and Andrey Belyi)

Ioanna Mersinia
Emission trading in the EU (Supervisors: Kim Talus and Kati Kulovesi)

Nana Asare Obeng-Darko
On the Rules and Regulations of Electricity Production from Renewable Energy Sources: A Comparative Examination Between Ghana and the European Union (Supervisors: Kim Talus and Penelope Crossley, Sydney Law School)

Berryl Claire Asiago
“Government Interventions in International Business; The Rise of Local Content Requirements in the Oil and Gas industry”; Examining Legal, Institutional and Socio-Economic issues (Supervisors: Kim Talus and Tina Hunter)

Moritz Wüstenberg
Regulation of Energy Trade in the WTO – The EU-Russia Sphere (Supervisors: Kim Talus and Andrei Belyi)

Completed PhDs

Tade Oyewunmi
The Restructuring and Regulation of Gas Supply to Power Markets in Nigeria and the European Union (Supervisors: Kim Talus and Yinka Omorogbe, University of Ibadan) – 2017

PhD Researchers: Environmental Law

Johanna Ahonen
Urban waste water treatment: nitrogen removal in conflicting prerequisite of law and the environmental protection (Supervisors: Tapio Määttä and Ismo Pölönen)

Kimmo Malin
Legal cadastral survey - procedural study

Marko Heiskanen
Towards Biodiversity-Specialized Carbon Management in Developing Countries - CDM Forestry as a Regulatory Example (Supervisor: Tapio Määttä)

Completed PhDs

Niko Soininen
Transparencies in Legality: A Legal Analysis of the Reason-Giving Requirement in Water Management Permitting in Finland (Supervisor: Tapio Määttä) - 2017

Lea Halonen
Metsäojitukset ja vesiensuojelusääntely: sääntelyteoreettinen tutkimus vesiensuojelusääntelyn toimivuudesta (Supervisors: Tapio Määttä and Ismo Pölönen) - 2016

Hilkka Heinonen
Naapuruuskiistat ja kunnan ympäristönsuojeluviranomainen kiistojen käsittelijänä
(Supervisor: Tapio Määttä) - 2016