Kuopio campus international study programmes

You can check the course offerings  from the links given below. Courses will be listed later also in WebOodi.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

Studies in Business and Management  include courses in Innovation Management, Accounting and Finance, and International Business and Sales Management. Enrolling on bachelor-level courses requires that the student has completed at least one year of university studies in business and management. Enrolling on master-level courses requires that the student has completed at least three years of university studies in business and management.

The non-degree Programme in Health Policy and Management concentrates on health care systems in different countries and on the management of health care in different settings in both public and private sectors.

The aim of the non-degree programme in Social Wellbeing and Social Work is to familiarise students with the sociological and social political discussion on issues concerning social wellbeing. It also concentrates on the theories of social work mainly from the international point of view. Thus, the programme explores such issues as criminology, gender, welfare, family and health care, among others. 

Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences houses the following schools, departments and institutes:

Studies for exchange students in the Faculty of Health Sciences include selected courses and examinations from the basic curriculum. The subjects may vary annually. Students of Medicine may also carry out clinical practice at several clinics of the Kuopio University Hospital.

Faculty of Science and Forestry

Studies in Environmental Science include Master’s level courses in two main disciplines: Environmental Health and Environmental Biology.  By selecting suitable courses, the student can specialize in, for example, biological and biogeochemical processes related to climate change, environmental risk assessment, health effects of radiation and air pollution, environmental informatics, or environmental microbiology.

Applied Physics

Other studies

In addition, exchange students may take courses from the following the International Master's degree programmes provided they meet the course requirements: