Joensuu Campus international study programmes

The following non-degree programmes/studies are offered on the Joensuu Campus (the language of instruction is English). Information on courses is also available on the programme websites and the Student Information System WebOodi. In order to have the right search results in WebOodi, please use the "Search for instruction and examination" when searching for the instruction offered in English in WebOodi.

Philosophical Faculty

Finnish Culture Study Programme for Exchange Students offers a comprehensive English-language overview of Finnish culture and art tailored particularly for the needs of exchange students. NB! There is no contact teaching.

Linguistics and Language Technology

International Study Programme in Education enables students to familiarize themselves with the structure and practices of the Finnish school system. The students gain hands-on experience which deepens their understanding of Finnish culture and education system. Regular school visits are a way to let the students see and experience the day-to-day activities in Finnish schools. They also learn teaching and other working methods which benefit them in their work as teachers.

Professional Intercultural Competence is aimed at enhancing knowledge and skills of intercultural competence in working life.

Education and Adult Education, Special Education, Career Counselling The goal of the study programme is to develop the students' identity and expertise in education and counselling from the viewpoints of life course and life-long learning. The concept of "learning society" is often seen as a synonym for life-long learning occurring in a certain place. The study courses discuss the prerequisites for general education and the possibilities for learning needed in the era of globalisation and in the operating environments of different societies. The studies open up new viewpoints to questions pertaining to life course and social change (work, family, gender in counselling, democracy and active citizenship, globalisation, market economy). The goal is to link the theories and practices of adult education and counselling to the students' own educational goals and aspirations in life, and to promote discussion on the matter.

Teaching Foreign Languages to Young Learners These minor subject studies are intended for teacher students.

Psychology Courses for International Exchange Students International students can complete a number of courses in psychology in English by reading a set body of literature. NB! There is no contact teaching.

Approaches to Theology The programme provides an interdisciplinary introduction to theology, a wholeness comprised of major fields in theological studies. Upon the completion of the programme, the student is capable of recognizing and making distinctions between different theological disciplines and their approaches to contemporary religious and cultural issues as well as their perspectives to classic theological problems.

Foreign Languages and Translation Studies 
Please note that students are not allowed to participate in teaching offered by the Department of Foreign Languages and Translation Studies unless they have been admitted and registered as majors there. Students who wish to improve their language skills are advised to turn to the Language Centre.

Faculty of Science and Forestry 

An International Study Programme in Environmental Science and Forestry is a one-year, non-degree programme designed to provide a firm grounding in different aspects of ecology and forestry. The programme offers lectures, laboratory work, field exercises, and seminars. The programme is jointly managed by the School of Forest Sciences and Department of Biology.

Studies in Information Technology and Computer Science  include courses in three main areas of specialisation: Software Engineering, Information Systems, and Intelligent Media Computing. The prerequisite for participating in these Master's level studies is having completed at least three years of university studies in either Information Technology or in Computer Science.

Studies in Photonics include courses in one main subject, Photonics, The prerequisite for participating in these Master's level studies is having completed at least three years of university studies in Physics, Optics, Photonics or Physical and Engeneering Sciences.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies 

Studies in Business and Management  include courses in Service Management (including marketing, management and leadership) and Business and Law (including accounting and business law). The prerequisite for enrolling in Bachelor's level courses is having completed at least one year of university studies in Business and Management. The prerequisite for Master's level studies is having completed at least three years of university studies in Business and management.

An International Study Programme in Law  is a non-degree study programme intended for students who wish to familiarise themselves with judicial questions and legal practices. The programme offers a wide variety of courses in the different fields of law e.g. International Trade Law, Environmental law, Public International law, and European Law. The course Introduction to Legal Studies is compulsory for all students enrolled in the International Study Programme in Law. International students must have completed at least one year of university studies in order to be eligible for the study programme.

Karelia, Russia and the Baltic Area is an international, multi-disciplinary area studies programme co-ordinated by historians at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business. The programme is offered in co-operation with the Philosophical Faculty. It is intended for both international and domestic students who have completed at least one year of university studies. The programme includes courses in History, Geography, Economics, Ethnography and Folklore, Social Sciences, Finnish and Russian.

Courses in Environmental Policy, History and Geography

Courses in Social Sciences

Other studies

In addition, exchange students may take courses from the following the International Master's degree programmes provided they meet the course requirements: