Joensuun Normaalikoulu Teacher Training School, established in 1882, is a university-owned provider of primary, secondary and teacher education. It hosts 1000 students and 400 student teachers annually. High-quality research and experimental projects lie at the heart of our activities. We are also active developers of educational practices and learning environments, taking part in nationally relevant topics.

Class teachers, subject teachers, student counsellors and special education teachers - educating student teachers for general primary and secondary education is our vocation. Teaching experiments and educational research connected with teacher training enhance the innovative and analytical ethos of our school. Our teacher training school also provides context for research conducted by different faculties.

Joensuun normaalikoulu offers in-service education and refresher courses for teachers. The purpose of continuing professional in-service education is to maintain and update teachers’ pedagogical skills. Our strongly committed teaching staff, modern facilities and equipment as well as our ideal location in the centre of Joensuu make our school a popular venue for various educational events.