Seminars in Health Sciences

All seminars in autumn 2017

Seminars in Health Sciences take place on Thursdays at 3.00 pm. 





Frontiers in Health Sciences seminar

Host Jorma Palvimo

Johanna Ivaska

University of Turku

Mechanosensitive regulation of cancer epigenetics and pluripotency
14.9. CA101

School of Pharmacy seminar

Host Seppo Auriola

Masanori Tachikawa

Tohoku University

Spatio-temporal regulation of the Brain Barrier transport systems: what we learned from a study of quantitative targeted absolute proteomics
21.9. MS302

PhD Student seminars

28.9. MS302

School of Pharmacy seminar

Host Risto Juvonen

Jarkko Rautio Pro drug solution to problems of drug therapy
5.10. MS302

Frontiers in Heath Sciences seminar

Host Jorma Palvimo

Matti Poutanen

University of Turku and Turku Center for Disease Modeling

Regulation of nuclear receptor action by steroid metabolism: evidenced by GM mice and tumor xenografts
12.10. MS302

Awarded Young Scientist seminar

Host Saara Happo

Marinko Rade


Between Neuroradiology and Neurophysiology: New Insights in Neural Mechanisms
26.10. MS302

School of Pharmacy seminar

Host Risto Juvonen

Heikki Koskela Treatment of astma in the old days and at present
2.11. MS302

Frontiers in Health Sciences seminar

Host Mikko Turunen

Matthew Wood

University of Oxford

9.11. MS302

Guest speaker

Host Rashid Giniatullin 

Victor Tsetlin
Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Neurotoxins and Cys-loop receptors:old and new, bad and good
16.11. MS302

PhD Student seminar

Host Marja Härkänen

Andrew Agbaje
UEF // Biomedicine

Prosanta Singha

Peak oxygen uptake cut points for identification of increased cardiometabolic risk in children

Discovery & Evaluation of Novel Autotaxin Inhibitor

23.11. MS302

School of Pharmacy seminar

Host Risto Juvonen

Matti Jantunen Local and global air pollution
7.12. MS302

Frontiers in Health Sciences seminar

Host Heikki Tanila 

Helle Waagepetersen

University of Copenhagen

Brain metabolism and neurodegenerative diseases
14.12. MS302

PhD Student seminar

Host Marja Härkänen

Maria Semenova Health and social care services in rural Finland and Russia
21.12. MS302

School of Pharmacy seminar

Host Risto Juvonen

Timo Lanki Adverse health effects of air pollution


The seminars in Health Sciences seminar series are organised by the Faculty of Health Sciences and by the departments, schools and doctoral programmes within, and are open to all. The seminars can be included in the courses:

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School of Pharmacy seminars is a separate course (4213110)