Seminars in health sciences

All seminars spring 2017

Seminars in Health sciences take place on Thursdays at 2.00 pm





Frontiers in Health sciences- seminar
Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg
Karolinska Institute
Host Paavo Honkakoski

Personalized medicine; Genetic and epigenetic biomarkers
19.1. SN200 PhD students seminars
1. Uma Thangiai Arasu (DP Molecular medicine)
2.  Nadia Afrin (DP Clinical Research)
Host Saara Happo
1. Binding of EVs is regulated by CD44-hyaluronan interactions and induce EMT
2. Musculoskeletal diseases and risk of falls in the elderly women
26.1. Ca300 School of Pharmacy seminars
Minna Rahnasto-Rilla
Host Risto Juvonen
Natural compounds activating SIRT6 in cancer treatment
2.2. TTA Frontiers in Health sciences- seminar
Helle Kieler
Karolinska Institute
Host Sirpa Hartikainen
Go Nordic – when improving drug safety
9.2. SN201 DPMM seminar
Gonghong Wei
Host Minna Kaikkonen-Määttä
Transcriptional misregulation underlying cancer susceptibility
16.2. TTA

PhD student seminars
1. Esther Idehen (DO Health sciences)

2. Antti Luikku (DP Clinical research)

Host Saara Happo

1. Cervical acncer screening participation among the immigrants in Finland

2. The Disease State Index in diagnosis and prognosis of iNPH

23.2. Ca300

School of Pharmacy seminars
Ulla Härkönen

Host Risto Juvonen

Rapid assessment of hospital only medicinal products in FIMEA
16.3. SN201

DPMM seminars
Jussi Tohka

Imaging biomarker discovery using machine learning
23.3. SN201 PhD students seminars
1. PhD student Kati Heiskanen (DP Drug research)
2. PhD student Saara Sillanmäki (DP Clinical research)
Host Saara Happo
1. Medicine shortages and the accessibility of medicines
2. It´s all about movement - or is it? Assessment of LV dyssynchrony




Ca400 School of Pharmacy seminars
Markku Pasanen
Host Risto Juvonen
Weight of evidence approach and carcinogenecity testing of new pharmaceuticals
6.4. TTA Frontiers in Health sciences- seminar
Long-Cheng Li
Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH)
Host Mikko Turunen
Turn on genes using small RNA to treat disease
13.4. SN200 Frontiers in Health sciences -seminar
Christian Haas
Host Mikko Hiltunen
Microglia in Alzheimer's disease - from basic maechanisms to human patients
20.4. TTA PhD students seminars
1. PhD student Sarang Qazi (DP Clinical research)
2. PhD student Samuli Nissinen
Host Saara Happo
1. Adjusting skeletal muscle mass for differences in stature
2.  Urine polyamines with pancreatic cancer
4.5. TTA Frontiers in Health sciences seminars
Anne Marie Rafferty
King’s College London
Host Katri Vehviläinen- JUlkunen
Using Big Data to extend the frontiers of workforce research: The case of RN4Cast
11.5. SN201 PhD student seminars
1. Jenni Repo (DP Drug Reserch)
2. Sofya Ziaditnyova (DP Molecular Medicine)
1. Role of placenta in fetal toxicity of chemicals
2. Epilepsy in Alzheimer model mice with brain amyloidosis - possible mechanisms and treatment options


Seminars in Health sciences seminars are organized by the Faculty of Health sciences and Departments, Schools and Doctoral programmes within, and are open to all. Seminars can be included in the courses:

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  • Seminars on molecular Health sciences (perustutkinto-opiskelijat), 2 cp, 4486501 

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