Hoorieh Afkari, PhD student
hoorieh.afkari [at] uef.fi
Human-computer interaction, eye-tracking

Mikko Asikainen, PhD student
mikko.asikainen [at] uef.fi, +358 40 355 3577
Piotr Bartczak, postdoctoral researcher
piotr.bartczak [at] uef.fi, +358 50 341 9565
Spectral color science

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Mingyue Du, PhD student
mdu [at] cs.uef.fi
Image quality,

Ana Gebejes, PhD student
ana.gebejes [at] uef.fi, +358 50 379 7849
Speactral color research

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Rosa Gonzales-Hautamäki, PhD student
rgonza [at] cs.uef.fi
Speech recognition, speech analysis

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Tiia Ikonen, PhD student
tiia.ikonen [at] uef.fi
Emmanuel Awuni Kolog, PhD student
emmanuk [at] uef.fi
E-counselling, emotion detection and contextualized game design

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Ivan Kukanov, PhD student
ivan.kukanov [at] uef.fi, +358 41 496 3597
Radu Mariescu-Istodor, PhD student
radu.mariescu-istodor [at] uef.fi, +358503246469
Location-based applications

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Helena Merikoski, PhD student
helena.merikoski [at] uef.fi, +358 46 923 5437
Arash Mirhashemi, PhD student
arash.mirhashemi (at) uef.fi
Myriam Munezero, PhD student
myriam.munezero [at] uef.fi, +358 50 595 7970
Jaakko Parviainen, PhD student
Jaakko Parviainen jaakko.parviainen [at] uef.fi, +358 40 355 2380
Cyber physical systems, embedded systems, office multifunctional hardcopy devices,
computationl intelligence

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Jouni Pääkkonen, PhD student
jouni.paakkonn [at] uef.fi, +358 50 593 4960
Machine vision, image processing
Irene Pöllänen, PhD student
irene.pollanen [at] uef.fi, +358 50 569 7113
Solomon Sunday Oyelere, PhD student
solomon.oyelere [at] uef.fi, +358 414788518
Mobile learning, and computer science education

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Atiqur Rahaman, PhD student
atiqur [at] student.uef.fi
Spectral color science

Joji Sakamoto, PhD student
joji.sakamoto [at] uef.fi
Spectral imaging

Lahari Sengupta, PhD student
lahari [at] cs.uef.fi
Mobile games, travelling salesman problem

Aleksey Sholokhov, PhD student
sholok [at] cs.uef.fi
Speech technology

Sami Sieranoja, PhD student
samisi [at] uef.fi
Clustering, neighborhood graphs

Aleksandr Sizov, PhD student
aleksandr.sizov [at] uef.fi
Speaker recognition, anti-spoofing, machine learning

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Ville Vestman, PhD student
vvestman [at] cs.uef.fi
Speech technology
Hana Vrzakova, PhD student
hana.vrzakova [at] uef.fi, +358 50 578 8881
Eye-tracking, interaction analysis, pattern recognition

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Antti Väänänen, PhD student
antti.vaananen [at] uef.fi, +358 50 577 3863
Zhengzhe Wu, PhD student
zhengzhe.wu [at] uef.fi
Spectral color science

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