Applying access to servers

To apply access to Bioinformatics center servers, fill the application form. The access is admitted for 2 years at a time and the users should renew it by filling a new application.

Usage Agreement for Server Infrastructure

When using infrastructure and services provided by the UEF Bioinformatics Center (later "infrastructure"), users agree to following rules and regulations:

  1.     Infrastructure should be used for research and educational purposes only.
  2.     UEF Bioinformatics Center does not guarantee that your data will be backed up and recoverable. Therefore users will be required to keep external copies of their important data.
  3.     Users should acknowledge using UEF Bioinformatics infrastructure, e.g. in their publications or course material.

If you require custom infrastructure or services, e.g. extended storage space/computational resources, data management or backup, data-analysis, help with writing grant applications or other expertise, please contact UEF Bioinformatics Center to discuss research collaboration opportunities!

Data storage and management

The Bioinformatics Center does not provide data storage services besides collaboration projects, but UEF members can apply storage space from e-Services or use CSC's data storage services. More information on data management and security is available by UEF IT services. The university library also advices in research data management (e.g. a tool for data management plans).