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Towards Responsible Tourism – opportunities and challenges

We warmly invite you to the Symposium of Finnish Tourism and Leisure Research 2019 to be held in Joensuu at the campus of University of Eastern Finland, 27th – 28th May 2019. The symposium is organized by the Centre of Tourism Studies, Business School, University of Eastern Finland, in co-operation with the Finnish Society for Tourism Research.

The theme for the symposium is “Towards Responsible tourism”

With the increasing awareness and understanding of consumers as well as with the alarming results of the IPCC 2018 report on the speed of climate change, tourism businesses and destinations face a need to adapt and transform their operations to become more sustainable and tourists also need to behave more responsibly. Sustainability and responsibility is becoming more and more important for the long-run competitiveness. The development of responsibly managed and marketed tourism products and services is crucial for destinations and service providers in tourism in order to create true sustainable experiences for their guests.

Because of its growing importance, The Symposium of Finnish Tourism and Leisure Research 2019 endeavors to examine different aspects of responsible tourism. Participants are welcome to present both state-of-the-art empirical and conceptual research papers providing the basis for constructive and inspiring sessions. The range of sub-topics related to the theme of “Towards Responsible Tourism” includes:

  • Opportunities and challenges in development of responsible tourism services
  • Responsible tourism entrepreneur
  • Responsible tourist behavior
  • Responsible/Sustainable tourism experiences
  • Digitalization for responsible tourism
  • Stakeholder engagement and co-creation of responsible tourism
  • Marketing and communication of responsible tourism services
  • Sustainability labels and certifications
  • Demand for responsible tourism services and the role of consumers
  • Understanding the impacts of tourist activities
  • The role of interpretation in responsible tourism
  • Monitoring, measuring and evaluation of responsible/sustainable tourism strategies
  • Tourism and global climate change
  • Theoretical and methodological approaches for assessing responsible tourism
  • Other topics related to tourism research

Professor Scott McCabe (Nottingham University, UK) will be presenting a keynote speech during the symposium.

<Scott McCabe -pic>"Scott McCabe is Professor of Marketing and Tourism at the Nottingham University Business School, where he has worked for twelve years. He currently holds the post of Associate Dean for Research within the school with responsibility for the research activities in the School. He is also an Adjunct Professor at University of Eastern Finland Business School.

Scott’s research focuses on the qualities of tourist experience, consumer behavior and tourist decision-making. More recently, his work has engaged debates in pro-social and pro-environmental tourist consumption, as well as responsible and ethical consumer behavior. Since 2006, he has been working on a program of research on the motivations, experiences and outcomes of holiday experiences for severely disadvantaged UK consumers. Working with a range of small and large charities, his research has helped to promote the concept of ‘social tourism’ in the UK, influencing policy and practice, raising awareness and establishing a link between holidays and subjective wellbeing outcomes. He has worked alongside European colleagues to promote social tourism internationally and within the academy. He has published widely in the tourism field, with one book, and three edited volumes, and a number of scholarly research articles. He is also the current Editor in Chief (alongside Sara Dolnicar) of Annals of Tourism Research and sits on the board of a number of other journals in tourism."

If you have any questions regarding the symposium, please contact Jarno Suni | jarno.suni@uef.fi