Information security rules

Information security is an essential part of quality of the University's operations and services, overall security and day-to-day data processing.

The goals, responsibilities and methods of securing important information at the University of Eastern Finland are outlined in Information security policy and Responsibilities related to information security. Further information security rules and instructions are issued to complement them. These rules are based on rules produced by Finnish universities' cooperative task force FUSEC.

Rule Purpose Primary target group
Outlines the goals and methods of information security in the University of Eastern Finland Staff and students
Outlines general responsibilities concerning information security and special responsibilities for certain positions and roles in the University organisation Staff and students
Principles concerning use of IT services and user accounts Staff and students and other users of UEF IT services
Principles concerning use of E-mail Staff and students
Outlines actions in case of discovered or suspected IT service abuse All users of UEF IT services
Principles concerning administrators of IT services and information systems Mainly administrators
Outlines prerequisites and procedure for retrieving and opening an employee's e-mail


Mainly department and unit heads and administrators


In addition, the following previous instructions remain in effect.




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