UEF Student email for students

Starting from 1st of October 2015 UEF Student Email policy has been changed. Every student gets automatically an UEF student email which is set as primary email address.

New mailbox is created within 12 hours from message you received about this matter.

You can forward your student email to another personal email with these instructions:


User account

Password requirements

  • The length of the password is 10-16 characters. It is possible to set a longer password from a UEFAD computer, but some systems might not work with a longer password.
  • The password may not contain your name or your username.
  • The password must contain three character types from the following four categories
    • capital letters: A-Z
    • small letters: a-z
    • numbers: 0-9
    • special characters: !@#$%/,.;:-_*=+?
  • In other words, your password can contain, for example, capital letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Do not use Scandinavian characters (åäö, ÅÄÖ)!




Report incident chat

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