Applied Studies

Three kinds of Applied Studies

At the School of Theology, students are required to complete courses – applied studies – to develop their theological expertise and to apply their knowledge to the situations of work life. The courses prepare students for varieties of different career paths of theologians. These courses include a work-based training period. 

Students of Western Theology have three kinds of applied studies to choose from:

  1. Applied Studies for Pastoral Proficiency in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (2424100)
  2. Multiprofessional Applied Studies (2424200)
  3. Applied Studies in Pastoral Care and Counselling (2424300)

In the A-line of study (Church and Religious Communities and Culture) students complete, as a part of their Master’s degree studies, at least one applied studies module of their choice. Students are also free to incorporate other applied study units into the optional studies module. The applied studies are a part of the Master’s degree, and students generally complete them during their last, or second to last, year of study.

Also students in the B-line of study (Theology for Teachers) are free to apply to all the above mentioned applied studies as a part of their optional studies module. Because the completion of some applied study modules is required of all students in the A-line, they have the first priority when student admissions are being decided upon. Commonly however, all students regardless of their study line have been admitted to pursue the applied studies.

Application Timetables

The annual application period for the Applied Studies in Lutheran Church and Applied Studies for Non-Pastoral Theologian Posts in Society study modules is 1-28 February. Before the registration period, a public briefing is arranged.

In the Applied Studies in Pastoral Care and Counselling study module the applications to the practical training period are submitted annually in early September. The precise application period is announced separately. Also possible supplementary application periods are announced separately. The theoretical studies in the Pastoral Care and Counselling study module are, however, open to all students, i.e. they do not necessitate separate application. The studies take place every autumn in the 2nd period.


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