Finland 100 years – University of Eastern Finland joins in the celebrations 

The University of Eastern Finland joins in the celebration marking the centenary of Finland's independence in 2017 in many ways.

The main event of the jubilee year at the university is a Studia Generalia lecture series, which is offered in Finnish and which is open to everyone. The theme of the lecture series is “Top-level research in eastern Finland from the 1970s to the present – promoting education in independent Finland”. The lectures showcase significant research carried out at the university all the way from the 1970s to the present, while also looking into the future. The objective of the Studia Generalia series is to highlight the scientific milestones achieved in eastern Finland and to reflect upon their significance for future scientific research at the regional, national and international levels. In addition to the Studia Generalia lectures series, many other Finland 100 programme projects are also ongoing at the university.

Studia Generalia lectures (in Finnish):

22 February 2017, Kuopio: Haluan elää terveenä 100-vuotiaaksi Suomessa
28 March 2017, Joensuu: Suomi oppimisen kärjessä nyt ja tulevaisuudessa
11 April 2017, Joensuu: Humanismilla tulevaisuuteen
30 October 2017, Joensuu: Metsä ja puu

In addition to the programme offered in Finnish, the University of Eastern Finland also organises two Café Smart science cafés in English.

Café Smart science cafés (in English):
11 October 2017, Kuopio: New prospects of technology and analytics in improving people's health

30 November 2017, Joensuu: Consequences of globalisation phenomena at the local level

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Join us in celebrating Finland's 100 years of independence!