Summer School Schedule 25-29.08.2014

Monday 25th August, 2014

Theme: Well-being and Technology

Responsible University: University of Oulu

Venue : L22 Snelmania

0800-0845: Registeration

0900-0905: Introduction

0905-0915: Welcome address by UEF Academic Rector Jukka Mönkkönen

0915-1000: Tomohiro Kuroda: Towards "social hospital" - snapshot of medical information technologies.

1000-1045: Goshiro Yamamoto: Towards realization of a smart living environment for senior citizens with augmented reality.

1045-1130: Jozef Juhar & Matus Pleva: Speech technologies in modern HCI applications.

1130-1230: Lunch

1230-1250: Babar Chaudary: Alternative navigation assistance aids for visually impaired blind persons.

1250-1310: Aryan Firouzian: Optimization of indicator configurations for Smart Glasses.

1310-1330: Kunnikova Elizaveta: the social effect of undirected pet therapy for elderly people.

1330-1350: Li Jun: A Workshop for Caretaking the Senior Citizens.

1350-1410: Rajeeka Ponrasa: A communication tool to help and support caretaking of memory illness senior citizens.

1410-1430: Fateeva Ksenia: Definition of education needs of mastering information and communication technologies of elderly people.


Tuesday 26th August, 2014

Theme: Technology and Environment

Responsible University: University of Eastern Finland – Joensuu

Venue: L22 Snelmania

0915-1000: Mauno Rönkkö: Environmental measurement and monitoring: challenges and opportunities.

1000-1045: Jouni Sorvari: Monitoring environmental disturbance using social insects as biomarkers.

1045-1130: Niina Päivinen: Security in society.

1130-1230: Lunch

1230-1400: Visit to Environmental Sciences Laboratory at Kuopio Campus

1400-1445: Andrey Soloviev: Social and Bio-technological evaluation of legal psychoactive substances consumption by pregnant.

1445-1505: Hoorieh Afkari: Potentials for enhancing the learning curve in Micro-neurosurgery training.


Wednesday 27th August, 2014

Visit to Finnish Meteorological Institute – Kuopio Unit

Participants will be divided into 4 groups. Each group will have a separate 45 mins visit to the FMI unit.

1.     Presentation: FMI activities (25 mins)

2.     Tour of the unit + Overview of instruments (20 mins)

0900-0945: Group 1

0945-1030: Group 2

1030-1130: Lunch

1130-1215: Group 3

1215-1300: Group 4

Evening: Social Program – Ferry ride in lake Kallavesi


Thursday 28th August, 2014

Theme: Environment and Health

Responsible Unit: University of Eastern Finland – Kuopio

Venue: L22 Snelmania

0915-1000: Jukka Jutilainen: Health effects of electromagnetic fields.

1000-1045: Jussi Kauhanen: Social environment and health.

1045-1130: Tuula Vaskilampi: Cultural environment and health.

1130-1230: Lunch

1230-1250: Maria Semenova: Health and social care in the remote regions of North Karelia.

1250-1310: Paul Pletnikoff: Low leisure-time physical activity and homa-ir insulin resistance predict coronary heart disease in men with no history of diabetes.

1310-1330: Kunavina Karina: Complex assessment of organs and tissues of the oral cavity condition in patients with chronic alcohol intoxication.

1330-1350: Kharkova OA: Social and bio-technological evaluation of tobacco smoking among pregnant women, Northwest Russia.

1350-1410: Jussi Kauhanen: Statement from the Organizing Institute


Friday 29th August, 2014

Theme: Research Methodology and Ethics

Responsible University: University of Lapland + University of Oulu

Venue: L22 Snelmania

0915-1000: Lidia S. : Some dilemas of doing ethical research.

1000-1045: Kirsi Vahakangas: Multi-disciplinary research ethics.

1045-1130: Alexander Kondakoff + Soili Nysten Haarala: Copyrights and ethics.

1130-1230: Lunch

1230-1250: Mohammad Jasim Uddin Sarker: Social workers engagement with the social media.

1250-1310: Kosyi Marina: The problem of evaluating the effectiveness of social work.

1310-1325: Sohaib Khan: Ending statement 

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