Social Sciences/ Kuopio campus

The International Study Programme in Social Sciences/Kuopio involves courses from the disciplines of social work and health and social management. There are also a number of online courses in sociology, public policy and philosophy that students are welcome to take. In addition, provided that there is space in the groups, students are also welcome to take courses from other departments of the UEF Kuopio campus selection.

For detailed course information, please refer to WebOodi, University of Eastern Finland's study information portal. You do not need to sign in to see the course descriptions and lecturing times. If the link above does not take you to the course catalogue "Soc. Sciences and Health Management, Kuopio, 2019-20", please follow the path below:
Relevant and valid information for courses organized in the academic year 2019-2020:  WebOodi Front page> INSTRUCTION AND COURSES -> Course catalogues -> Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies -> Social Sciences and Health & Social Management for Exchange Students, Kuopio campus, 2019-20.

Kuopio campus courses: autumn 2019

Bachelor's level:

5524106a Finnish Society, lectures, 3 ECTS  (Please note that the related study circle 5524106b is only in Finnish and not available for exchange students.)

5410180 Introduction to Finnish Health and Social Services System, 5 ECTS. Independent study in an online learning environment.

Master's level:

5513526 International Social Work, 5 ECTS
NB: Only for students who study social work as a major subject.

5513529 Working with Diversity, 5 ECTS
NB: This course is available for students in social sciences and in health and social management and in public health.

5410158 Comparison of International Health and Welfare Systems, 5 ECTS

5410161 Beyond Public Management to Knowledge Management, 5 ECTS


Independent study year-round 2019-2020
(Joensuu and Kuopio campuses)

These courses on sociology, social and public policy and philosophy are to be completed through independent studying and do not include any lectures.

Bachelor's level:

5514132 Criminology, 5 ECTS
5514122 Sociology of Racism, 5 ECTS
5514229 Sociology of Religion, 5 ECTS

5313380 Introduction to Philosophy, 3 ECTS
5313381 History of Philosophy, 3 ECTS
5313382 Ethics, 2 ECTS
5313383 Political Philosophy, 4 ECTS
5313384 Philosophy of Law, 2 ECTS
5313385 Philosophy of Science, 2 ECTS
5313386 Plato, 2 ECTS
5313387 Aristotle, 3 ECTS
5313388 Descartes, 2 ECTS

Advanced Bachelor's and Master's level:

5515307 Mobility and Borderless Care, 5 ECTS
5516104 Approaching Culture: Encounters, Representations, Cultural Identities, 5 ECTS
5514330 Relational Sociology: Researching Relations and Inequality, 5 ECTS

Other studies for exchange students 2019-2020

Orientation to exchange students:

1131003 Orientation for International Students, 1 ECTS

Orientation programme


Information skills and sources for international students:

The course is primarily targeted for the students of UEF master programmes. Exchange students are welcome if there are any vacancies - check the course status from WebOodi.

8020300 Information skills and sources for International Students in Social Sciences, 1 ECTS


Language courses:

You can also learn basic Finnish in Kuopio at the Language Centre:

8014300 Survival Finnish, 2 ECTS, for Exchange students

From the Languge Centre optional languages selection, Chinese courses are also available. The languages of tuition are English and Chinese:

8014205 Chinese Culture and Social Customs, 2 ECTS

8014201 Chinese 1, 4 ECTS

8014202 Chinese 2 (a follow-up course to Chinese 1), 4 ECTS


Courses from other UEF departments:

Provided that there is room after the enrollment of the departments' own excange students in the contact teaching courses, you are also welcome to complete studies from, for example, the selection of the following disciplines. However, as there are restrictions to attendance to some of the courses, please read carefully the course descriptions in WebOodi before entering them to your Learning Agreement or enrollment.

Nursing Science & related fields

Public Health

Business School

Professional Intercultural Competence (open to all exchange students irrespective of department, kick-off and concluding seminars in Joensuu campus)

Courses in Environmental Policy, Geography and History (contact courses in Joensuu campus, study units based on independent study or electronic book exams are possible in Kuopio as well)


Links to the selection of all UEF fields of study: