SIB Labs projects

The unit's own projects are related to development of the research methods and infrastructure as well as to applied research and research services. Furthermore, we participate actively to research projects carried out in other departments at the university.

A list of our projects is presented in the separate page. Below, some recent projects are highlighted


Ongoing projects:

  Computational Spectral Imaging for Biological and Biomedical Applications (CSIBIOMED).   The project is focusedon the field of photonics and ICT. Topic is computational spectral imaging in biological and biomedical applications.


Research, development and application of non-contact optical measurement techniques (spectral and spatial), adapted to the needs of heritage documentation



Previous projects: 



Joint research project betweenFinaland/Joensuu and Japanese/Olympus was focusing on multi-spectral imaging. The project goals were conducting fundamental research, generating industrial aplications and prototyping.