Guidelines for using services in SIB LABS @ KUOPIO CAMPUS

SIB Labs operations are typically based on collaboration or service studies with research groups from different fields of research, as well as with research institutes and industrial partners. The studies can be carried out in collaboration, by consultation or merely on service basis. After adequate training, researchers can independently use our equipment in their research (e.g. PhD projects).

Practical Rules


  • In the case of new projects and studies, they will be evaluated by research manager Arto Koistinen. Thus, prior to beginning of the study, contact Arto for consulting proper methods for sample processing and instument feasibility. Also the level of collaboration will be agreed.
  • Consequently, sample processing can be scheduled with our laboratory technicians or microscopy analysis with our researchers.
  • SIB Labs laboratories and equipment will be presented to visitors by SIB Labs personnel only. The visits should be scheduled latest the day before visit.
  • User guidance for equipment use is done by SIB Labs personnel, NOT the researchers from other departments. You  are not allowed to operate any instrument without proper training.
  • SIB Labs must always be acknowledged in scientific publications for instrument use or sample processing. Examples in the following:

For example: "The authors thank Microscopy laboratory at SIB Labs, University of Eastern Finland for providing laboratory facilities (and PhD Jari Leskinen / Arto Koistinen for microscopy analysis)".OR: "The authors thank SIB Labs, University of Eastern Finland for providing laboratory facilities and Ms Virpi Miettinen / Ritva Sormunen for technical support."

  • The expenses: our services (either equipment or sample processing) are always chargeable. Thus, remember to fill in the instrument log book when operating the instruments independently. The user fees are used to maintain the instruments and cover the necessary supplies. Special cases:
    • SIB Labs personnel carries out the analysis merely on service basis = equipment cost + personnel costs
    • SIB Labs:n personnel carries out the analysis and there will be a joint publication = equipment cost (Note! Can be applied if our project researchers are available)
    • Personnel costs do not apply for training, when the project will be carried out later by the researcher and is expected to last more than 10 hours of instrument time.

In practice

  • Do not eat or drink in laboratories
  • Do not borrow any supplies from laboratoies without a permit. And the permit is not permanent.
  • Method development and special use of instruments must be agreed with the person in charge.
  • Suggest new instruments and methods to Arto.
  • Keep the laboratories and instruments clean after use.
  • Inform SIB Labs personnel immediately for lack of supplies or instrument failures.

Instrument reservation and use

  • Researchers with proper training can make reservation for the instruments online via Outlook software. More information can be found here. Please notice also short guide for the reservation.
  • Operation guides for the instruments will be added here later...