Purchasing the doctoral hat

Doctors are expected to independently purchase a doctoral hat and an emblem to be attached to it. The emblem is usually purchased via the hat store. In the doctoral conferment ceremonies of the University of Eastern Finland, the colour of the hat is specific to a discipline. The colour of the doctoral hat is black in all other fields except for medicine and dentistry (dark green), theology (purple), and law (dark red).

The emblem, generally also referred to as the lyre, is attached to the velvet ribbon of the doctoral hat. Besides the doctoral emblem of the University of Eastern Finland, also the emblems of the University of Joensuu and the University of Kuopio may be used.

It is wise to order the hat well before the doctoral conferment ceremony, as it is manufactured by hand to fit personal measurements, which are usually taken in the hat store. Further instructions on how to take the measurements can be obtained from hat manufacturers.  It is also possible to use a borrowed hat in the doctoral conferment ceremony. However, the above instructions on the discipline-specific colours and doctoral emblem need to be observed also when using a borrowed hat. Furthermore, the hat needs to be of a correct size in order to sit well on the doctor's head in the doctoral conferment ceremony.

Hat manufacturers

There are several hat manufacturers who make doctoral hats. In addition to the traditional Wahlman hat store and Finnish milliners, there are also other alternatives. The manufacturers differ from one another with regard to the materials used, the place and method of manufacturing, and the price of the hat.

Below you will find contact details of some manufacturers who make doctoral hats:

•    Hattuliike E. R. Wahlman Oy (Helsinki),  www.wahlman.fi. Visiting Kuopio in January for taking measurements. Normal price for a doctoral hat is 745 €, with 10 % discount for those attending the UEF doctoral conferment ceremony the price will be 670 €. The offer is valid 1.9.2019-31.1.2020.
•    Hattuateljee Lyolène (Helsinki), modisti Kirsti Valtonen www.tohtorinhattu.net
•    Hattuateljee Memmu Lankila (Helsinki), www.tohtorinhattu.eu. Price for UEF doctors attending the Ceremony 635€
•    Hattuliike Kristiina, modisti Kristiina Kivelä (Turku), hattukristiina.suntuubi.com. Price for UEF doctors attending the Ceremony 595€ / 645€
•    Ab Melanders Hattfabrik Oy (Helsinki), www.melandershattfabrik.fi. Price for UEF doctors attending the Ceremony 619 €
•    Tohtorinhatut Harvest EB www.doctoralhats.harvesteb.com

Hat manufacturers visiting Kuopio Campus

Hat manufacturers will visit the campus for measurements and taking orders. More information coming later.