Doctoral regalia

At the University of Eastern Finland, the doctoral regalia comprise the doctoral hat, the doctoral emblem used by all doctors, and the doctoral diploma. Doctors should purchase their own hat. The hats are made by hand according to the doctor's individual measurements, thus it is important to order the hat in good time before the conferment ceremony. You can find further information on how to purchase the hat published in the Practical instructions page.

In ancient Rome, the hat was a symbol of a free and independent man, a purple headgear was worn by emancipated slaves and Roman senators. The hat has been one part of the doctoral insignia since the Middle Ages. It is a symbol of scholarship and freedom of research. The current model was adopted in Finland when the University of Helsinki celebrated its 200th anniversary in 1840.

The colour of the hat indicates the field of science: violet – theology, dark red – law, green – medicine, tricolour blue – arts and industrial design, and dark blue – physical education. All other fields of science have black hats. The doctoral emblem is a golden insignia attached to the front of the doctoral hat with a velvet ribbon. In the conferment ceremonies of the University of Eastern Finland, the colour of hat is black in all other fields except for medicine and dentistry (dark green), theology (purple), and law (dark red).

The UEF's doctoral emblem represents torch-bearers of the world of science. According to Visual Designer Jussi Jokinen "Doctors are the torch-bearers of the world of science. After having their doctoral diplomas conferred upon them, they take their knowledge further. The torch also symbolises the responsibility and status of doctors in a cultural continuum". The doctoral emblem of the University of Eastern Finland will be used in the doctoral hat, in doctoral diplomas and diploma boxes, as well as in various contexts in doctoral conferment ceremonies. Further details about the UEF's doctoral emblem.