Conferment ceremony ball and rehearsals

The conferment ceremony ball, held on Friday evening after the banquet, is an impressive event among the events of the conferment ceremony festivities. In the ball, the newly conferred doctors dance, for example, Polonaise and other festive dances.  Participation in the ball is not mandatory, but highly recommended. The more there are dancers, the more impressive and festive the ball will be. The dances and choreography will be rehearsed in advance  to make sure that the dances are performed well and that the participants can enjoy this impressive and fun event.

Preliminary enrollment for the dance rehearsals and the Ball is possible with the conferment registration form. More information on dance rehearsals and attending the ball will be sent later to primarily enrolled persons. It is possible to join the Ball and the rehearsals with your own companion or you may request a student marshal as your dancing partner.

Dance rehearsals in the Spring 2020

Venue:    Former Kalevala School (Linnanpelto unit), Linnanpellonkatu 17, upper hall.
Instructors:    Marianne Tokola tel. 050 529 4142 and Seppo Tokola
Equipment:    Comfortable clothes and the shoes you are going to wear in the Ball

Preliminary schedule (the order of dances will be confirmedd in January):

Sun 16.2.2020


Waltz, Cicapo

Sun 23.2.2020


Mignon, Cicapo, Waltz

Sun 15.3.2020


Pompadour + repetition

Sun 22.3.2020


Festive Waltz + repetition

Sun 19.4.2020


Pas de Espagne + repetition

Sun 26.4.2020



Sun 17.5.2020


Cicapo, Mignon, Pas d Espagne,
Pompadour, Festive Waltz  + possibly Polonaise

Sun 24.5.2020


Polonaise + repetition

Sun 31.5.2020


All dances together
(obligatory for all dancers)

Wed  3.6.2020


“Dress rehearsal” with the Orchestra
in the Hall of Light at the Music Centre

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