Conferment Book (matrikkeli)
The conferment book is published before the ceremonies. It includes short CVs and portrait photographs of the doctors and honorary doctors.

Conferrer of Degrees (promoottori)
Each faculty has chosen one of the senior professors to act as the Conferrer of Degrees.

Head Marshal (yliairut)
Head Marshal trains and supervises the marshals working in the Degree Ceremony.

Honorary Doctor (kunniatohtori)
Doctor honoris causa. The university honours some distinguished scientists or influential members of society with the award of an Honorary Doctorate.

Marshals (airuet)
Students or university employees who assist the Master of Ceremonies and the Head Marshal during the ceremonies.

Master of Ceremonies (juhlamenojen ohjaaja)
Professor conducting the ceremonies.

Primus or Prima
The first young doctor whose degree is conferred in the ceremony. Primus – or Prima – is usually chosen according to his/her excellent merits in the field of research.

The Latin name for the doctors who will be awarded degrees in this ceremony.

Ultimus or Ultima
The second young doctor who receives special attention during the ceremonies. Ultimus – or Ultima – is usually chosen according to his/her outstanding merits in the field of teaching or social activities.