Doctoral Conferment Ceremonies of the University of Eastern Finland

The Doctoral Conferment Ceremony is a way for the University of Eastern Finland to show its appreciation for persons who have completed a doctoral degree. For doctorate holders, on the other hand, the Ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate their academic achievements. In the Doctoral Conferment Ceremonies also honorary doctorates are conferred upon scientifically or socially distinguished persons representing the university's disciplines.

In the Doctoral Conferment Ceremony the doctors get the right to carry the doctoral regalia, which at the University of Eastern Finland comprise the doctoral hat, the doctoral emblem used by all doctors, and the doctoral diploma. In addition to the actual Doctoral Conferment Ceremony, the three-day festivities include a procession, ecumenical thanksgiving service, banquet and ball as well as Saturday  excursion with lunch.

The next Doctoral Conferment Ceremony of the University of Eastern Finland will be held at the Kuopio campus on 4-6 June, 2020. Further information will be published in these web pages.


Further information about enrolment for the Conferment Ceremony at the Kuopio Campus can be found here.