Grant agreement no.: 266589

Project deliverables by UEF - University of Eastern Finland
(Some of the documents are in Finnish)


Deliverable name

Delphi study: Stakeholder Questionnaire
Report on Delphi study: 1st round
Delphi study: Ranking questionnaire
Report on Delphi study: 2nd round
Report on Delphi study: 3rd round
Report on stakeholder involvement
Training needs for teachers
Self-efficacy questionnaire

In-service teacher training materials:
Can courts trust the polygraph?
Can I trust my Eyes? - How scientists observe.
Traffic accident - who is to blame?
Teaching modules, English
Teaching modules, Finnish

Training needs of teachers of second round
Report on further planning of training
Report on the development of intervention training materials for the 4 stage teacher training
Plans for in-service training
Further planning and operation of intervention strategies
Interim report on training/intervention operation
Create a reflective intervention model for best practice
Evaluative feedback from teachers on teacher ownership Observation, video, e-portfolios
A report on promoting self-efficacy in teachers
Portfolios created by teachers
Action research case studies and projects carried out
Report on outcomes from use of evaluative criteria for self-efficacy
A report on approaches and mechanism to disseminate reflective best practice
Final report on teacher ownership
Assessment instrument for student gains
Report on stakeholder reactions to students gain
Report on students gains through teacher reflections

Publicity materials:
Article in Dimensio 1/2011   
Article in Dimensio 3/2012
Sormunen, K., Keinonen, T. & Holbrook, J. 2014. Finnish Science Teachers' Views on the Three Stage Model. Science Education International 25(2), 172-185.

Newsletter 1      
Newsletter 2     
Newsletter 3
Newsletter 4
Newsletter 5
Newsletter 6

Report on existing networking
Dissemination/networking plan
Develop an interim report on the dissemination / networking progress for the project


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