Seppo Honkanen, D.Sc. (Tech.), Professor, Head of the Physics and Mathematics Department

Seppo Honkanen received his Dr. Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, in 1988. In 1989 – 1995, he was with Nokia Research Center in Finland as an R & D manager of Integrated Optics and later a Principal Scientist in Optoelectronics. In 1995, he joined the Optical Sciences Center, University of Arizona, where he enjoyed the beauty of integrated optics in various faculty positions till 2006. In 1998 – 2001 he was a Vice President at NP Photonics, an Arizona based fiber laser company that he co-founded in 1998. In 2007–2011, he was a Finland Distinguished Professor at Aalto University. From the beginning of 2012 he has been a Professor of Nanophotonics at the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu. He is also the leader of the strategic Research Area “Photonics – theory, materials and applications” of the University of Eastern Finland.

Dr. Honkanen’s main research interests are in guided-wave optics with applications in Telecommunications and sensors. He has published over 160 peer-reviewed journal articles, given numerous invited and contributed presentations, and chaired and organized several international conferences and symposia. He was the President of the Finnish Optical Society in 2010 – 2013 and served as an Associate Editor for Optics Express in 2008 – 2013. In 2014 – 2016 he was the President of the European Optical Society (EOS).