Data Management Plan: DMPTuuli

The University of Eastern Finland’s Publishing and Data Policy states that a data management plan is required at the planning phase of a study. In addition to research organisations, more and more research funders (among others, Academy of Finland, Horizon 2020 programme) demand or recommend a data management plan as a part of the funding application. With a data management plan, you can perceive the data’s whole life cycle, decrease risks involved in data and ensure the ethical, secure and efficient use of the research data during and after the study.

Already in the beginning of a research process, it is necessary to clarify what kind of obligations different agreements, laws and guidelines impose on a scientist and how the study can be executed in order to have as much openly publishable data as possible.

In a data management plan, the following must manifest regarding the research data:

  • data gathering methods, processing and metadata records
  • copyrights and rights to use
  • security and privacy
  • backup and storage (incl. long-term storage)
  • software and file formats
  • opening the data
  • publishing
  • data reuse
  • planned destruction of data if necessary
  • resources that the procedures demand.

Proper data management requires that the data is described and stored in a way that ensures its opening and further use in the future. When planning the life cycle of research data, it is also important to take account of informing the research participants. When gathering and processing personal data, data protection must be observed. A data management plan can be further specified during the research project, but the most important guidelines and principles are to be considered before starting the project.

A data management planning tool named DMPTuuli has been developed to instruct Finnish research organisations to devise a data management plan step by step. The software provides instructions and suggestive example answers. Research funders can export their own data management planning-related instructions that need to be followed, into DMPTuuli. The needed instructions are selected in DMPTuuli when beginning to devise a data management plan. In DMPTuuli, it is possible to work on the plan together with colleagues. A completed data management plan can be incorporated into a funding application in the desired format (e.g. docx, pdf). If the DMPTuuli software is not the desired choice to devise a data management plan, the plan can be otherwise formulated according to the funders’ and the research organisation’s instructions.

Sign up and log in to the DMPTuuli system. The UEF data management instructions can be found in DMPTuuli.

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