We are partners:

"The goal of the MIND-AD project is to identify effective prevention strategies for AD/dementia tailored to different “at-risk” groups."


"... to generate robust evidence to define effective preventive approaches for various at-risk groups and settings. World Wide FINGERS will facilitate synergistic use of data from several countries, creating a unique opportunity for rapid knowledge dissemination and implementation."


"finnish geriatric intervention study to prevent cognitive decline"


"aims at building up a multidisciplinary research network between different actors in the fields of molecular medicine and related drug research and biotechnology"


"cardiovascular risk factors, aging and dementia - joint collaboration between Department of Neurology (University of Eastern Finland), the National Institute of Health and Welfare (Helsinki, Finland) and Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm, Sweden)"


"to build an IF for studies on neurodegeneration in order to discover and validate AD biomarkers for the facilitation of drug development and trial design in predementia AD"


"prevention of dementia and cardiovascular disease in the elderly -  with this grant a new easily accessible internet platform for elderly will be developed, with readily available nurse-support"


The International Genomics of Alzheimer's Project (IGAP)

"to completely understand the role inheritance plays in Alzheimer's disease. To achieve this goal, IGAP will work to identify all the genes that contribute to the risk of developing this disease"


"therapeutic and preventive impact of nutritional lipids on neuronal and cognitive performance in aging, Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia"



"project aims at the development of a diagnostic tool able to detect in blood as early as possible, and at a cost compatible with large scale screening, emerging neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's Disease), and thus aid in the selection of the best treatment"


"role of neurodegeneration in Multiple Sclerosis"


"is a research team and collaborative forum. The NBN has increased the resources available to the field of Alzheimer's disease research and promoted collaboration among Nordic countries, with its members primarily working in Sweden and Finland"


"research project aiming at developing a standardised and objective solution that would enable an earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, improved monitoring of treatment efficacy and enhanced cost-effectiveness of diagnostic protocols"


"a 4-year, 4.2 M€ European project focusing on developing tools and means for earlier, evidence-based diagnosis of a range of Neurodegenerative diseases"


"is to find new molecular mechanisms underlying the common brain diseases, and thus identify novel targets to be used for intervention strategies"

"aims to deliver the first, integrative and validated multiscale modelling platform for biomedical research and clinical decision support, underpinned by a set of unique databases and modeling paradigms, which will tackle the early and differential diagnosis of dementias using a combination of mechanistic and phenomenological models of the ageing brain, accounting for its environmental context"


"... is a network for researchers and research groups investigating or interested in frontotemporal lobar degeneration, including frontotemporal dementia (FTD), and related disorders"