Group leader

Soili Marianne Lehto, MD, PhD, Docent (senior researcher) at UEF and UH

Group agenda

We are interested in characterizing how mental phenomena and the physiology of the human body interact, and discovering new ways to modulate the observed interactions.

Our goals are:

  • to identify
    1) systemic mechanisms for common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety, and
    2) new mechanisms of action for novel treatments of common mental disorders
  • to utilize the generated knowledge to develop or optimize new treatment applications

We are seeking to achieve our goals by working with different populations ranging from healthy volunteers to individuals affected by common mental disorders.

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Interested in working with us?

We may be able to offer positions for volunteer research assistants who wish to gain practical experience in research, and those interested in completing their Master's thesis or MD thesis (i.e., advanced studies in medicine) in one of the group's focus areas. We also welcome inquiries from post doctoral researchers wishing to work with us.  

Please contact Soili  (soili.lehto (at) for any further inquiries regarding working with us.