Kuopion kampus: Innovation Management (Master of Science, Economics and Business Administration)


Advanced level studies in Innovation Management 82 ECTS

Courses in Major 42 ECTS

Master’s Thesis and Seminar 40 ECTS

Other Studies 38 ECTS (including methodological studies 5 ECTS)


5213310   Innovation Management (82 ECTS)

Courses in Major (at least 40 ECTS):
5213301   Master’s Thesis and Maturity Test, Innovation Management 30 ECTS

5213304   Master’s Thesis Seminar in Innovation Management 10 ECTS

Compulsory courses (18 ECTS):

5213312   Innovation Cultures 6 ECTS

5213313   Commercialization of Knowledge 6 ECTS

5213308   Innovation Management Research 6 ECTS

Optional courses (at least 24 ECTS):

5213328   Rethinking Leadership and Organization 6 ECTS

5213326   Leading and Managing Change 6 ECTS

5213322   Social Innovation & Strategy 6 ECTS

5213325   Advanced Readings in Innovation Management Methods 6 ECTS
5213329   Health Living Lab 8 ECTS

5213331 Health Business Cases 6 ECTS
5213340   Other Appropriate Advanced Level Course
Students admitted to the international master’s degree program in Innovation Management must conduct advanced-level studies in major (82 ECTS) in English.


If you choose more courses in your major, you may reduce the number of ECTS credits in other studies accordingly.


Other Studies 38 ECTS:

Compulsory courses*: (for MDP students who do not have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent degree from a Finnish university of applied sciences):

1131003 Orientation for International Students 1 ECTS

8031003 University Study Skills 1 ECTS

8031006 University Computing Skills 2 ECTS

8020300 Information Skills and Sources in Social Sciences for International Studies 1 ECTS
*Students with a Finnish Bachelor’s degree compensate these 5 ECTS credits by choosing other courses, total of the degree yielding min. 120 ECTS.
Methodological studies:

Choose at least 5 ECTS:

5210351   Analyzing Interviews and Texts (AIT) 6 ECTS

5210358   Quantitative Research Methods 5 ECTS


Elective Courses:

Students choose elective courses to fulfill the minimum of 120 ECTS credits required of a master’s degree. These may include courses from their Major or separate courses from other majors, courses completed in international exchange, and courses offered in Finnish. This section may also include a full minor of at least 25 ECTS offered by other Business School majors or other departments, and faculties.


Students may include 5213320 Practical Training in Innovation Management 6 ECTS into this section.

Supplementary studies (not included in the Master's degree 120 ECTS):
Finnish students with foreign Bachelor's degrees, please see "Tutkintojen kielitaitovaatimukset":