MSc European Forestry on-line thesis seminar

  • to increase awareness of different master's theses carried out by the students of the MSc European Forestry programme
  • to provide a platform for online viewing of the students' theses presentations
  • to provide a forum for discussions on each of the topics
  • to facilitate the distance interaction of students, graduates and staff of the MSc European Forestry programme

Below are the online thesis seminars for which the discussion forum in the Moodle course site is open. The seminars which have already been closed can be found HERE. If you are not able to see the presentations below, please find those at Moodle course site.

Pure or mixture plantations in northern Costa Rica? Effect of species and structural diversity on productivity of three native and one exotic tree species. On-line presentation.
Bárbara Magdalena San Martin (from Spain, thesis at Albert-Ludwigs University, Freiburg, Germany)
Discussion forum open until 28 June 2018

Mitigating human-wildlife conflict through compensation: A case study of the white-tailed eagle on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. On-line presentation
Yi-Chun Liu (from Taiwan, thesis at Wageningen University, the Netherlands)
Discussion forum open until 28 June 2018