Impressive technology


Teaching materials that integrate engineering and technology concepts into Finnish lower secondary science education are produced and distributed in the 'Impressive technology' development project. The materials emphisize engineering design project-based learning that increases students' interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This is also the main goal of this project. We also distribute new educational kit, called Photonics Explorer, in the co-operation with EYEST vzw, nationally here in Finland. The kit provides teaching and learning material, as well as equipment to experience photonics in an exciting way that connects science to the technology around us.

Contact personnel:

Jesse Hietala, University of Eastern Finland, jesse.hietala ( at )

Collaborative schools:

Joensuun normaalikoulu, Lyseon peruskoulu, Pielisjoen koulu, Kontiolahden koulu, Kummun koulu, Ylikiimingin koulu

Articles and materials related to the project

Article in portal (in Finnish) about the use of water rockets and Photonics Explorer kit in teaching