Skills and interests before gender


In this project we develop activities and materials for elementary and lower secondary school science education and career counselling to encourage children and adolescents to build their educational and occupational paths based on their interest and skills. Central goal of this project is to increase girls’ interest to orientate towards science and technology education and occupations. Target groups of this project are students, teachers, career counsellors and students’ parents. We will offer learning materials for STEM education and training for teachers and career counsellors. In addition we aim to inform parents of gender segregation phenomena and introduce them diverse ways of encouraging their children to make educational and occupational choices based on their skills and interests, not their gender. We develop the activities and learning materials in collaboration with elementary and secondary school teachers and career counselors. Teachers and counsellors will test activities and materials in their lessons and assess the functionality of them.

Contact personnel:

Kirsi Ikonen, University of Eastern Finland, kirsi.ikonen ( at )

Collaborative schools:

Kanervalan koulu, Itä-Suomen koulu, Kontiolahden kirkonkylän koulu, Kummun koulu, Joensuun normaalikoulu, Pielisjoen koulu, Arppen koulu, Riihenmäen koulu

Articles and materials related to the project

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