Staying on Track (Opintiellä pysyminen)

Staying on Track of Learning research project started in 2004 and was a sub-study of the Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Learning and Motivation Research (led by JyU) during years 2006-2011. It follows a one age cohort of adolescents (N = 585; 299 girls, 286 boys) from a mid-sized Finnish city. At the beginning of the data-gathering period the participants were ninth graders (mean age 15.7 years, SD .58 years), in five comprehensive schools, at 27 classes. Key objectives are: What are the mechanisms linking reading and writing difficulties (dyslexia) to undesired educational and career outcomes? What are the risk factors and protective factors in students' educational career? What pedagogical, guiding and support actions could prevent the marginalization of youth with LD from education and society? In addition, co-morbidity of problems in reading, spelling, and mathematics has been studied, also one important aspect has been the psychological well-being and peer relations of students. The next follow-up will be in 2016-2017, when participants will be about 30 years old.