Molecular interactions between genes and diet

The risk of common metabolic diseases can be partly attributed to the genetic risk. However, the inherited risk can be modified and in many cases even abolished by healthy lifestyle. Our research group aims to find the exact molecular pathways mediating these interactions. We have specifically focused on metabolic and molecular consequences of obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The main molecular findings have been related to cholesterol, bile acid and fatty acid metabolism. We investigate regulation of genes at the level transcription and RNA processing, including also the role of epigenetic mechanisms. The research group belongs to the international level research area of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine in the UEF strategy 2015-2020. Many projects benefit from the close interaction with the Kuopio University Hospital Clinical Nutrition and Obesity Center (headed by the group leader).

Group leader Jussi Pihlajamäki, Professor, MD, PhD, Email Jussi.Pihlajamaki(at), Tel. +358 50 344 0187

Research projects

1. Kuopio Obesity Surgery Study (KOBS) - Metabolic and molecular consequences of obesity surgery

2. Obesity and its complications with special emphasis on NAFLD

3. Alternative splicing and epigenetic mechanisms in metabolic diseases

4. STOPDIA – Stop diabetes from knowledge to solutions