Food and nutritional metabolomics

Non-targeted metabolite profiling analytics is increasingly utilized in research related to health implications of various diets. In our department this method is in use both in the exploration of bioactive constituents present in plant-based foods such as whole grain products and berries, as well as in analysis of metabolic changes promoted by different diets in biofluids (human studies) as well as vital organs (animal studies). The metabolite profiling approach enables concomitant investigation of the levels and identity of even thousands of compounds, and is therefore excellent discovery tool for raising novel research hypotheses.

Group leader Kati Hanhineva, PhD, Academy Research Fellow, Email kati.hanhineva(at), Tel. +358 40 355 2364

Coordinator, LC-MS Metabolomics center, Kuopio

Research focus
  • Development and utilization of non-targeted LC-MS metabolite profiling approaches in food and nutrition sciences and beyond (
  • Investigation of the phytochemical composition and impact of processing on plant-based foods, in particular whole grains
  • The role of gut microbiota on the metabolism and bioavailability of phytochemicals
  • Plasma and urine biomarkers of intake of phytochemicals
  • Metabolic impact of phytochemical rich diets on organ level
  • Correlation of metabolic response with health status, mechanisms of action and novel biomarkers for health and disease
  • Metabolic phenotyping – individual responsiveness to phytochemical rich diets