Food Safety and Gut Health

 The gut is an important physical, chemical and immunological barrier to foreign antigens and pathogens. The integrity of this critical barrier is crucial in the maintenance of gut health and protection of underlying tissues. We aim to provide fundamental insights into the interactions between food, and the gut and how such interrelationship contributes to disease development and prevention. We aim to elucidate and define the effects and the underlying molecular mechanisms responsible for modulation of parameters related to gut health following exposure to food components (both harmful and beneficial). The ultimate goal of this theme is to develop novel intervention strategies that will lead to the efficient management of gut related diseases and reduction in food safety related incidences.

Group leader

Hani El-Nezami, Email hani.el-nezami(at), Tel +358 44 2026 854,
Atte Von Wright, Email atte.vonwright(at)

Research Projects

The theme covers a wide but integrated research projects with a multidisciplinary approach covering the areas of Food, nutrition and health

  1. Fusarium toxins compromised mucus synthesis and secretion: A potential target for probiotic intervention
  2. Regulation of Th17 by probiotics in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
  3. Impact of Schisandra chinensis for management of bacterial food poisoning – Implications on mucosal host defence against bacterial infection