Terms of use for electronic resources

Remote access - members of the University of Eastern Finland and UEF Open University students: sign in to UEF Finna using your UEF login information.

Remote access - KUH members: sign in via this separate login site using your KUH remote access login information. The username and password can be requested by sending email to kys.kirj@kuh.fi or by visiting the KUH Medical Library.

Terms of use

The e-resources are protected by the Finnish Copyright Act. The University of Eastern Finland Library and the KUH Medical Library have acquired access to electronic publications and databases through various license agreements. The license agreements define the terms of use for each resource and all users of the resources and the library are required to comply with the terms. Descriptions of the resources and their terms of use can be viewed in UEF Finna. 

Specific terms of use of FinELib resources

Access rights at the University of Eastern Finland

The licensed e-resources are available to the University of Eastern Finland degree students, postgraduate students and staff, as well as to the staff members of KUH via the networks of the university and KUH. It is also possible to access the e-resources via a remote access connection and UEF-Finna.

The right to access the resources remotely is valid for the duration of the studies or employment. Access rights are valid only for students who have registered as being present. Students registered as being absent are able to apply special remote access rights for a justified reason by filling a request form in UEF Service Catalogue. The reason for absence must relate to the studies or other university functions. Within the form, please check the item labeled ‘Library Electronic Collections (remote access)’. If you are unable to access the UEF Service Catalogue, please contact the UEF IT Servicedesk.

Students of the UEF Open University have the right to use the FinELib resources via a remote access connection for the duration of their studies.

Library users who are not members of the university or KUH may use the licensed resources only on the computers within the library's facilities.

The resources may be used for non-commercial academic purposes such as teaching, research and studying. The access rights involve an unlimited right to view the resources on the screen. Furthermore, small sections of the resources may non-systematically be printed out and saved on a file. Individual files may be sent electronically to a co-worker or colleague for research purposes. The use of the resources in teaching and learning environments is specified separately in the respective terms of use.

It is prohibited to use the e-resources for any commercial purposes or to distribute them against payment or otherwise to parties who are not entitled to use them. It is also prohibited to systematically save large sections of the resources (e.g. full issues or volumes of journals) on a personal computer or to make them available on a personal website.

General terms of use

You are allowed to

You are not allowed to

  • browse the resources and make searches

  • print your search results on paper or save them on a file in moderate amounts for your own non-commercial study or research purposes

  • print on paper or save on a file individual articles or parts of e-books in moderate amounts

  • send electronic or printed copies of individual articles to another person's personal use in the name of academic cooperation

  • use the resources or parts of them for commercial purposes

  • distribute, sell or modify the materials, make spin-off copies or provide access to persons who are not entitled to use the materials

  • remove or change the name of the author or the publisher's copyright information or other identification information or prohibitions

  • use data-mining software

  • copy or print the materials on paper systematically or republish the materials in another format




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