The book collection comprises monographies, reference books, dictionaries, serial publications reports etc. Books are in both print and online electronic format. The data regarding all the collection's books are in UEF Finna.


The web link to an e-book is instantly in view. E-books may have limitations concerning the quantity of simultaneous users. E-books are available for reading, downloading and borrowing to UEF students and staff members. Other customers can read e-books in the campus libraries.

When it comes to print books, you can see the borrowable items and reading room copies of all the campus libraries, along with the collections of departments and faculties (non-borrowable) and legal deposit copies (for reading room use). Click on the title of the book to see all the up-to-date information. The bookshelf link reveals the book's exact location in the library.

The Organisation section on the right side of the page allows you to narrow your search down to a certain collection or campus library.

In addition to your own library's collections, you can easily check the availability of materials in the National Repository Library and place an order on a book in their collection when needed.


Do a search using the default UEF Finna search bar (Library's collections tab).

  • Enter the title of the book or essential parts of it.
  • You can also add the book's author and publication year to the search.
  • Use complete words or truncate the terms using the asterisk (*).
  • When searching for authors, the word order is not necessarily of significance, but you can get a more accurate result by writing the author's name in quotes, surname first.

In the search results, print material and e-books, along with different editions and versions written in a different language are listed separately.



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