Borrowing services

  • You can borrow books from all the campus libraries and KUH Medical Library.

  • You can borrow books with the borrowing machine or at the customer service desk.

  • You can read e-collections on the computers at the library or via a remote access connection.

  • Staff members can make a Material delivery for staff members agreement with the library in which case the reserved items will be borrowed and then delivered to the office at the university/KUH.

Loan periods

  • Course books and books of KUH have a loan period of two weeks, other books have a loan period of four weeks, the loan periods of e-books vary.

  • You can read reading room copies within the library premises. The reading room copies can be borrowed overnight or for the weekend.

  • The library sends a courtesy notice of an upcoming due date. You must always monitor the due dates of your loans. Because even if you do not receive the courtesy notification, or if there is some internet downtime or technical faults, you still must pay the overdue fees.




  • You can return your loans to any of the campus libraries regardless of which campus library you borrowed them from.

  • At the Joensuu campus library, the books are returned to the returning machine which is situated near the library's entrance.

  • When the library is closed, you can return your loans through the book drop hatches near the library's front doors. The library staff will return the books on the following day that the library is open.